The Grynd Report gets an Exclusive with MGM STANLO

Thank You for spending time with The Grynd Report. Please Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

I’m MGM Stanlo a rising Louisiana artist from a small city by the name of Monroe aka Gun Roe

Describe what it was like growing up in your city.

Growing up in a single parent household was tough. Especially raising 3 boys around a high crime city and neighborhood.

When did you decide to get into the music business and why?

I always had a passion for music. Even in elementary I used to always listen to big names artists and write their lyrics down and learn them to go to school and rap them as if I were them. I soon then started making beats on the desk and freestyling with the homies every day during class and lunch and fell in love with it even more.

Talk to us about the concept of your latest release What’s Tha LoCation?

My bro MGM Reed and my podna Josh got our lil slang on how we talk when we link up on club nights or just want to kick it. We used “Whats tha situation” for what up or what we got going tonight. We use “What’s the Location” for where you at. Reed told me Lo you got the music you need to drop a female joint and name it “What’s Tha Lo Cation” and I did just that.

How Would You describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I have my own lil style to come from the streets but dress my music up in unique rhythms and metaphors which people can use as captions or even something to go by to start their day.
My versatilities set me apart from just labeling me a predictable artist. Let’s just say I can cater to fans of ages 5 to 50. I’ve always looked at myself as marketable than your average street rapper.

Who would you say influenced you in music in why?

2 Pac was a person that influenced me as an artist because his music was inspirational. Not only did he have music for the streets he also had powerful messages that motivated the community. He was overall a well-balanced artist.

You have performed in multiple cities including events at the BET Awards. Tell us what that experience was like for you?

The biggest thing I can imagine. I got to see some of my favorite artists perform on the same stage and even seen how they set up the stage for the next performance. The feeling of thinking about the work they put in to make it that far. I even got to network and connected with different artists of different genres. It was definitely an experience.

What is your definition of Grynd?

Grind Repeat yearly n daily. In other words, a steady flow or routine and dedication

How do you plan on being a game-changer within your genre?

By staying consistent and building my brand to make me a recognizable face of the music industry

Any Shoutouts?

Shout out to God first and foremost. I also want to thank my team my Ceo Chris my manager Havik my bro MGM Yung Reed and all my mgm family. And to all the artists and producers who ever worked with me on any project. Thank y’all for believing in me.


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