The Grynd Report Exclusive with Baby T

Thank You for spending time with The Grynd Report. Please Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is BABY T, and I am a hip-hop artist born in Flint, Michigan and currently residing in Chicago, IL. I have been in the music industry for well over 20 years as an artist, producer, and audio engineer. Some of my credits involve ESPN, FOX Sports, Keeping up with the Kardashians and 4 Emmys as an audio mixer.

Describe what it was like growing up in Flint Michigan?

Growing up back home was very interesting, it was filled with a lot of cold winters and HOT summers. But regardless of what the media portrays the city to be, we had fun as kids playing football in the streets and drawing out our first album covers on the steps of my dad’s house. Yes, we used to hand draw our album covers by hand, we had no idea what photoshop was back then. My first ever billboard and show flyer came out of Flint, so I guess it wasn’t too bad growing up.

What about the music business made you want to pursue it professionally?

Business has always been a big thing in my family along with music. My mother used to operate a tax company out of our home during the week and on weekends she would play music ALL DAY. Being around that environment made me very curious about it all. The more I studied audio the more I learned about the music business, and I fell in love with both. To be honest, I love business more than music at times. Being one of the few black males in the rooms that I walk in daily reminds me that I’ve done something special in business.

Talk to us about the concept of your song “Yeah Yeah Yeah”?

This story is pretty interesting! So last year we surprised one of my best-friend’s with a birthday celebration and everywhere we went men were doing their best to talk to the her and after every encounter I would ask her “So, What did he say?” and her response was always “Nothing, just a lot of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. A few weeks later, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” was complete.

How Would You Describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I would describe it as the styling of a young aggressive LL Cool J mixed with the witty word play of HOV (Jay-Z), produced by: Just Blaze and Timberland.

If You can alter the music industry in any way, what would you change and why?

The only way I feel it needs to be altered is to allow the same marketing opportunities that major labels have for independent artists. Yes, I understand it takes over 250K to break a record, however there is no reason there shouldn’t be packages in place for artist(s) who have a small budget to break a record regionally without jumping through hoops and scammers.

We hear there is a potential tour in the works. Can you give us a few details on what to expect?

Absolutely! We are currently scheduling tour dates all over the country from festivals to small clubs, radio interviews to podcast interviews. The first stop on the tour is @ LIVE BASH in Chicago, IL on March 29th. The show starts at 7PM (CT) / 8pm (EST) and it will be LIVE STREAMED across the world! For tickets and other information visit

What is your definition of Grynd?

Stay Hustle Inspired

Prodigal Son is your latest album release, break down the process to creating this masterpiece and what fans will feel from it?

Prodigal Son is my first project (album) in almost 4 years, and it is my most personal to date. I will speak about everything that I’ve gone through since the pandemic and the lessons that life has taught me along the way. It has 17 tracks with very few features, it is a nonstop roller coaster from start to finish! PRODIGAL SON hits streaming platforms on March 29th, 2024.

Any Shoutouts?

Shoutout to Grynd Work Enterprises for having me today and to EVERY ARTIST still making music for THEMSELVES and no one else. Let’s network!


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