New Grynd Certified Inteview with FARROCK MILLZ @farrockmillz

FARROCKMILLZ thanks for spending time with us. For our readers give us a back ground of where you are from?

First off, thanx for having me. I truly appreciate u and your reader’s time. But yea, I’m from Far Rockaway Queens. In the street it’s considered the “6th borough” It’s the birth place of legends like
Father MC, Stack Bundles, and Chinx Drugz. And of course myself “FarrockMillz”

Describe what life was like living in your city?

Shit was crazy. I mean cause for a long while, the whole town lived lawless. So niggaz like myself that was in the street from young, had to find fun and humor in shit like, escaping death and laughing with ya niggaz about how u hopped a fence that a cop couldn’t hop, and that’s how u got away lol…. I mean shit…. when ur from a town where 30 and 40-year-old men kill 15 and 16-year-old boys, u learn quick, there’s no time to chase a basketball and football career. The goal and the sport is to get smart and stay alive. Rns

You come from area that is know from the Rap Group “Rockaway Riot Squad” Which also featured the late Stack Bundles & Chinx Drugs. How have their lives influence your music after their passing?

Well just so your readers know. I was a co-founder the riot squad. The group started with myself, Stack Bundles Cau2gs, Bynoe and an artist by the name of bishop. Chinx Drugz did not enter the picture until they needed someone to fill my slot after I took a management situation with mbk entertainment (At the time was the home of Alicia keys)

Before their passing my end goal was to put the world on to Mike Millz and the struggles I dealt with to get here. But since their passing, I’ve become more aware that I have a bigger purpose that’s been handed to me by the most high. And that is to make sure that all of our stories gets told. Not only told but told right. And that’s why I’ve taken on the full responsibility of representing Farrockaway, from my name to my music.

Describe what a FARROCKMillZ sound is. What do you want people to hear when they listen to your music?

The best way to describe FarrockMillz sound is……. seasoned. I’ve been doing this for a while so don’t expect hear me and think I got fixing up to do…. NO. When u hear any of my music, you can expect to hear what music did sound like. What it’s supposed to sound like. And what these kids tryna get it to sound like. All in one. (Hope you following me)

Cause what I want ppl to hear when they listen to my music is, authenticity. I need them to feel like they can relate. Relate to the words, the delivery, and message. I want my story to make them feel hopeful.

What music are you working on right now?

I am currently working on an EP and a mixtape titled “Life Near Tha Beach vol. 2” It’s a follow-up to what I would like to call a classic that I dropped in July of 2017 titled “Life Near Tha Beach vol 1” Which I’m very proud of. Y’all readers be sure to go check that out anywhere digitally after this interview.

You’ve worked with some pretty dope producers DR Period, RockWilda to name a few. What are some of the best memories you have working with these producers?

Working with D/R had to been the best time. I was just trying to make the transition from just a block rapper to actually becoming an artist. So writing verses on the spot wasn’t my thing. I used to be scared that I would take too long and it would make ppl not wanna work with me. But D/R was well seasoned and understood where and what I was coming from. And most importantly understood the process. He took his time with me and allowed me to take my time with it. So I would have to say my best memories had to come from his studio on 9th avenue between 44th and 45th street. Where I learned how to be a man in the studio. #facts

What would you say is the hardest lesson you’ve learned so far in the music business?

The hardest lesson I had to learn in this business is that, it’s just business!!
I came into every situation with my heart because that’s what my human side forces me to do. It’s who I am. I would end up so Kool with the ppl I was doing business with, that the minute business went sour it was like a bad break up with girlfriend that you really don’t wanna let go of.

Describe what a session in the studio with FARROCKMILLZ would look like?

Lol …. me, engineer, about 2 or 3 energy boosters (good vibe ppl) some Newports a lot of weed and liquor. I don’t write my music with a pen, so periodically you’ll catch walking around the studio while the bear is playing, pulling words from the sky and mumbling out flows until the words fall into place. It’s really fun. Ppl actually come to my sessions just to film me do what I do. It’s Kool

What is your definition of Grynd?

A grind to me is something that u stay on religiously until ur satisfied with the pay off. Me myself, I have multiple grynds. Some pay me thru just happiness and some produce revenue

Where can you be found on social media?

Hey all my social media is @farrockmillz Any producers wanna shoot me any beats, my email is And my music can be found all over the web (spotify, iTunes, YouTube, sound cloud, Pandora, etc…) Including my website

Any Shout outs?

Sure. I wanna shout out my wife, who’s been here with me thru all good and bad. My brother J Pesos for never giving up on me and making sure somebody else in the world knows who I am lol #nobodygoesharder.My guys im attacking the business with, Shone Don and Scales and of course my girls Navaeh, Deja, and Bella

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO “Life Near Tha Beach vol 1”


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