Jack And The Other – E.S.T.

Jack and the Other melds multiple genres into truly original sound

ATLANTA, GA – There’s never been a band quite like Jack and the Other, and that’s the way they like it. This duo from Atlanta, Georgia, is comprised of brothers Jack Muta and Caleb Brown. Their music is a balanced fusion of pop, R&B, jazz, hip-hop and electronica, featuring charismatic production combined with live instrumentation and soulful vocals – all realized through a modern lens.

It’s a sound that is, in a word: original.

“There’s a lot of uniqueness in our sound selection and style,” said Jack Muta, who produces the duo’s songs. “But the blend between genres isn’t forced – it happens naturally when we’re creating. It’s been about three or four years in the making for us, as we’ve both been pursuing our own individual music careers. This debut album, ‘Circles,’ really captures our growth as musicians. There are a lot of ideas in there. Lyrically, I think, we set ourselves apart by finding a balance in capturing deep introspection while still being catchy and relatable on the first listen.”

“Circles” is slated to be released in mid-December, but the debut single from that album, “E.S.T.,” is out now, having just dropped earlier this month. “E.S.T.” is a funky, wavy track with an electronic-jazz inspired beat that showcases Caleb’s falsetto vocals in a chill kind of vibe, strangely reminiscent of Justin Timberlake. The song is about reflecting on one’s own journey, trying to overcome individual vices and self-doubt, while still embracing individualism and the pursuit of greener pastures.

“It’s all about self-improvement but at the same time feeling like you are your own worst enemy,” Caleb said. “Also, you can really get a sense for the meeting point of our styles on this track, which to me sounds far more organic than a lot of other cross-genre collaborations. It’s easy I think for this sort of fusion to feel forced or struggle to find its identity… I think a lot of the reason – if not the only reason – it has worked so well for us is because we’re related. It comes from a willingness to say, ‘I think that’s a bad idea,’ and being willing to fight for our opinions in the creative process, while at the same time trusting each other enough to know when to shut up. We definitely have a short-hand communication style when we’re writing, which makes it easier to describe a certain sound or articulate an idea without all the extra noise.”

Drawing comparisons to artists like Chet Faker and alt-J, Jack and the Other is unabashedly eclectic, which allows them to connect with multiple demographics and all manner of fans. Originally from Southwest Florida, the brothers moved to Atlanta a little over four years ago to pursue music full time, each as their own solo act. Jack’s music has fallen mostly within the genres of hip-hop, jazz, and electronica, while Caleb is a blues-pop inspired singer/songwriter whose talent shines most with an acoustic guitar in his hands. As brothers, they’ve frequently bounced ideas off of one another over the past four years, and have often found themselves collaborating on each other’s songs. Eventually it became obvious that there was something special at the intersection of their styles, and after finishing their first 7-song EP, they decided to make Jack and the Other a reality.

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