Chief Apollo is heating up with his single ‘ Good Injury’

In the musical landscape of Miami, Chief Apollo emerges as a distinctive voice hailing from Carol City, FL. The artist encapsulates his journey and experiences through his music. Signed under the label “All Or Nothing (Men of Brilliance),” Chief Apollo stands out with his unique blend of storytelling and beats that resonate with the streets. One of his notable tracks, “Good Injury,” produced by Money and Pray, showcases Apollo’s authenticity and raw talent.

Chief Apollo shared that “Good Injury” draws inspiration from his personal encounters within the city limits of Miami. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the artist’s past involvement in certain activities, coupled with a creative twist spurred by a real-life event – his broken hand at the time. This personal touch adds layers of authenticity to the song, making it a genuine reflection of Chief Apollo’s journey. As the artist delves into his experiences, each track becomes a chapter, and “Good Injury” stands as a testament to Apollo’s commitment to telling his story through music. With an upcoming project set to drop on July 28th, Chief Apollo continues to captivate audiences with his compelling narrative and unique musical style.


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