Windy 2Da Indy deliver “Killer Talk” to the streets.

Hip Hop over the years has taken many turns and as it evolved, music itself means something different to everyone who listens to it. For listeners who also make music for the world, they see hip hop in a different light. They see it as an opportunity to tell their story. They see it as a way to deliver a message, and mostly a way to show their talent. To do that you have to talk your talk or as Windy 2Da Indy would say “Killer Talk”.

Windy 2Da Indy is a 2-man group made up of Dezel & Peru Brigante hailing from Chicago and Indianapolis. These Midwest artists bring 14 plus years of pure hip hop talent and consistently put themselves in position to showcase their talent. With their new single “Killer Talk” produced by Roy Rohan described by the team as “lyrical, aggressive representing the Midwest as well as our cities”, Windy 2Da Indy take hardcore lyrics and deliver to the streets what hip hop was missing for a while now, Authenticity.

Peru Brigante and Dezel put together a record that has that beat knocker vibe, Midwest twist and sharp lyrics. The Engineering and production on this record is top notch. No chorus needed when you deliver precise lyrics with a self-explanatory message. “Killer Talk” did what it was supposed to do, deliver. The record is currently spinning exclusively on Power 107.6 The Truth & The Hype 87.3.

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