If you’ve been on social media lately you might have seen the controversy that’s going on between Soulja Boy & R&B sensation Chris Brown. Their apparent feud began just 3 days into the new year. But there’s still some question as to what exactly these two are feuding about??? Some say it’s all over a pic that was posted by Breezy ex-girlfriend Karrueche & others just don’t know why they’re beefing. We not even sure if THEY know why they’re beefing! 
Here’s what happened. 

Soulja Boy liked a picture on Karrauche’s Instagram page and her ex Chris Brown, according to Soulja at least, didn’t take too kindly to it (because, apparently, he thinks he owns the women he’s been with).

Things have gotten so outta hand that the two are challenging each other to a celebrity boxing match. If you ask me, honestly this is exhausting! 

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