What a Bam Bam to Bloodclaat! JayZ unleash another masterpiece, 4:44 madd ah road! By @TilsaWright

I know most bloggers, music writers and editors were thrown off their marks. So was I. After Watching The Throne make great music for some time now, only to be overrun on June 30th 2017. A Kumbaye day, Hip-hop will never forget! Jay-Z cause and effect in my head as I type is, 6:30 is no longer a bedroom bully position. Ok, don’t parole your OJ! (orange juice…OK) I Apologize and will fall back on the sexual undertone. Geesh stop being uptight and chill Nigga because at the end of the day I am Still a Nigga from Jamaica who loves the culture.

Let’s move forward to the impact. I saw, no we all saw, how the internet was flooded with 4:44 images prior to the release date, Friday June 30th. On the spoken date, we saw a Tsunami of black love and woken by lyrical consciousness. To top it off, like icing on a delicious sponge cake; Jay’s album went platinum in less than a week! Honestly I had to phone a few women who love Hip-hop, my girls, Bobby Shay, Shaunta Swissh and Ms. Diva Newz and ask them to share their point of view. This album was too much for me to review, so like a foot patrol cop standing at the corner of Marcy and Myrtle Avenue, I needed back up son!

Bobby Shay
I chose the track 4:44 being that “Jay-z” is an icon, we’re so use to him speaking about his  street life for years never really his love life, or personal things for that matter. What makes this track so powerful, is that his birthday is on the 4th of December, Beyoncé birthday is on the 4th of September and their wedding anniversary is on the 4th of April. He woke up at 4:44 am and decided to write this track and this entire album. The world we live in today, rap artist usually share drugs, woman, cars and clothing but never really speaking about their personal love or feelings for a woman. I think it’s because they feel it makes them look weak or not in the loop. So when “Hov” shows the world you can be you in this lifetime, he makes 4:44 album realistic and undoubtedly relatable on many levels. Touching a lot of souls who don’t have hope in 2017. My favorite part of the track is when he says “You Mature better than me” and shares that he really didn’t know how to love. This album is seriously deep and worth the listen. He just gave his and Beyonce’s fans a glimpse of their lives. She gave us her side of the story on Lemonade and now we get to finally hear his side.

Ms Diva Newz
Jay Z’s 13th studio album 4:44 shows the epitome of growth from Shawn Carter as an artist and a man. The first track sets the tone of a project and Jay did just that with, “Kill Jay Z”. In two minutes and fifty seven seconds he showed how personal and in depth the album would be. Discussing the feelings of being a first time father and for the first time exposing his issues with Kanye. Jay also shared a few personal stories of shooting his brother at 12, stabbing his friend and the very public elevator incident with Solange which he revealed was his fault. The internet went into an uproar when he finally admitted he almost lost Beyoncé and used bars to come at two men in the industry who he could’ve ended up like. Future, whose son is being raised by football player Russel Wilson. Which we publicly see bonding with baby Future as time progresses. Then there is Eric Benet, as Jay tells it, lost the baddest chick in the world (Halle Berry) which he’s coined the term as “Don’t go Eric Benet”. Jay gives us a play on words sarcasm and truth on “Kill Jay Z”. The perfect way to open an album giving us a million dollar game for $9.99.

Shaunta Swissh

The album packs a powerful punch with all of its simplicity. One man produced with an array of beats. Jay-Z really seemed to have a lot to say, especially on the song 4:44, which is for me where the album began. Flow wise, I guess not much has changed with Jay-Z’s magnificent way of giving character to his line through his flow. Jigga proves that he is a very versatile rapper, and his hip hop career is solidified even more with an album that shows emotions and connects with you instantly. I loved every second of the album. Now if Shawn would cease talking about coke and kilos…



Tilsa Wright

In closing, I am just going to say this. To actually compete with JayZ, you will have to be born at 4:44 AM, June 30th 2099, yeah man, long after he’s gone!

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