Visual Medicine Feature Evie Fletcher @evie2times


What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?

My name is Evie Fletcher and I’m from Jacksonville , FL but currently reside in Tallahassee, Fl .

How long have you been modeling and what motivated you to start?
What do you prefer inside shoots or outside shoots and why?

I have only done outside shoots, however I prefer them because I’m an outdoors person.

What is your definition of Grynd?

Living and loving life.

One of the main topics in being successful is BRANDING yourself. How important is this in the modeling world?

I believe if this is a career you want to pursue you have to brand yourself. Just make sure it’s in a positive way.

If you had the opportunity to change something in this world what would it be?

People’s perception of life. Society has a fascination of getting up and grinding to make so much money. However, while life is passing by people are so caught up with grinding they forget to live.
What type of music do you prefer and what do you think about music now vs when you were coming up?
I’m a huge Hiphop and country music fan. Growing up I was really into R&B and rap. However, music changes with the generation. I loved it then and I still love it now.

What’s next for you outside of modeling?

Law school! Just graduated with my bachelors in December now I’m headed to law school this fall.

What advice would you give to anyone looking into this business?

If this is an industry you want to pursue make sure you brand yourself however, you don’t have to change yourself. I’ve never had big boobs or butt and most models I came across have those assets. Therefore, be different and stay true to yourself. You don’t have change yourself to be considered “bad” or socially accepted by social media.

Any SHOUTOUTS? Where can we find you online?

Love to give one to my amazing photographer @ArahmanJones .
But you can find me on:
Instagram at evie2times
Twitter at one2times


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