Two Labels – One Artist: Bankroll Fresh News Update


It’s been at least three weeks since Atlanta’s most popular, rising star Bankroll Fresh was murdered outside of a studio he was recording at. It was reported that more than 50 shots were fired during the incident but that’s just rumored…

Bankroll’s uncle (Marvin Powers) and the Street Money marketing team seem to be having some issues with the so called label “Street Execs” about the misuse of the artists name, and legacy. From my readings Bankroll’s official team are displaying strong feelings and opinions about the way Street Execs are portraying dealings between themselves and the rapper via social media. They say that there are no ties or direct relationship between the two. His team also says that Street Execs have no ties to Bankroll’s music, legacy, or anything that deals with the artist. The only real link between the two are just his bookings. That part was handled mainly by Street Execs. Nothing more! “He was his own Man” – Marvin Powers (Bankroll’s Uncle/Marketing Coordinator). He feels as if Bankroll’s legacy is being taken advantage of. And if you take a look at their twitter page; they’re (Street Execs) claiming that Bankroll was one of their artist. (see pic below).


Powers also just gave an interview to (All Hip Hop) to speak about the nature of things. And trust me when I say I felt this interview. When you’re dealing with someone’s family, things can get quiet serious! And if any of you have been seeing what I’ve been seeing all over social media, you’d be heated too. In my opinion there are way too many people trying to capitalize off of the rapper’s name and even his death. I’ve seen videos, tribute songs, hats, t-shirts, and more. But let me be the first to say that there is an official store/site (available to purchase merchandise and apparel affiliated with Bankroll Fresh and a portion of the proceeds go towards his family and the continuing support of his legacy. I also noticed that there have been no reply, comment, or response from anyone on the Street Execs team to confront the allegations and rumors. However 2 Chainz did come forward and spoke very highly of Bankroll. He was even photographed at the funeral. But with his words he started his own trend on social media. Asking to “Put The Guns Down” and end all the senseless violence that’s happening in the industry.

Although police are still trying to lock down a suspect, I did a little research and digging of my own for more on this tragic story of this talented young man’s untimely death. Now it’s very evident that both fans and artist supported the rapper not just locally or independent… but from all over; no matter if it was an industry connect or someone he touched through his music. They all took to social media to show love and support for him despite the emotional time rattling the streets and the media.

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