Top Female DJ Nickiee Releases Another Mixtape

Since November 2023, DJ Nickiee has been setting the music industry ablaze with her mixtape, “Music to Grind To(o).” But her journey to this point has been a testament to her resilience and determination. From her early days as a DJ, she recognized the need for effective PR and started her own company, GoodGirlPR, after parting ways with her publicist. For a decade, she poured her energy into her clients’ success, but the call of her own craft became too strong to ignore.

She knew she was up to something when Cape Town, South Africa’s top radio station, Good Hope FM, stayed on top of her to complete mixes.

“My PR business keeps me busy, but DJ Eazy of Good Hope FM even offered to save me time and download the songs. After that, I knew I could be a radio DJ,” says DJ Nickiee.

Now, the Living Legends Foundation will showcase her as a significant contributor to Black culture and music, further exemplifying her indelible mark on the music scene as a DJ and publicist. Her electrifying sets and influential PR and social media campaigns solidify her legacy as a true trendsetter.

Her new mixtape, “Pop Randomness Vol. 3,” is now available on Mixcloud. Her drops were added by top recording studio in New York City Penthouse Recording Studios.
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