The Low Down on the Underground Written by Jenna Herche @jennaherche

In a day and age where technology reigns supreme, it has become more and more common to see radio hosts take their shows on the road; the road to independence that is. There are several reasons for the transition that are apparent. First and foremost, the industry is inundated with artists, DJ’s, radio hosts and internet radio shows; there are more underground stations now then ever before. An increase in supply conversely affects demand and drives prices down with respect to studio time. A lower price point makes things more accessible to “talent” and thus, affect the quality and caliber of the show, furthermore the radio station.

A lack of talent, followed by lack of teamwork within certain stations is apparent. The primary goal of underground radio stations and shows should be to work together to build a brand. The bigger the brand becomes, the better the sponsorship potential. It would also increase the stations press access and interviews with mainstream events and talent. Instead, the shows on these networks are left to fend for themselves with respect to garnering guests, sponsors and promotion; this, despite paying a monthly fee for their show to air. Did I forget to mention that some of these stations use Ustream? A program that only stores the footage for three months; the footage is lost unless the show has backed it up autonomously.

So, what is a show to do? Do it yourself, of course! The wave of shows taking an independent stance is refreshing; and should be a cause for alarm for some underground radio stations. After all, who wants to be restricted to just one time slot or locale? Shooting your show independently allows so much more flexibility for the hosts and the guests they cater to. It also creates more opportunities to cross-brand and promote; which will ultimately increase your fan base. Think about how many more supporters you will have when you utilize venues, photographers, DJ’s and caterers outside of your realm; they will be just as grateful to you as you are to them. Lastly, independent shows have forced shows under station platforms, to step their game up with respect to graphics and promotion. I, for one, am forever grateful.

In closing, everyone is not prepared to make the next move single-handedly. If you are, you will require a strong team; see the article in this issue of “The Grynd Report” by DJ Jazzy Joyce, “Roles and Regulation”, which speaks to that. If you are not prepared, find the station that suits you the best, and build from there until you are. If you are an artist and are curious what shows are worthy of paid interviews, don’t. Please read “The Art of the Interview” by DJ Jazzy Joyce in the next issue of “The Grynd Report” for the full, unfiltered scoop.

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