The Grynd Report’s exclusive interview with Gramzunkut

What’s good GramzUnkut? Introduce yourself to our readers.
What up people this Kelo, Mr.GlobalThugz aka Gramzunkut front runner for the GTzEnterPrize movement New York’s own internally known str8 Globalthuggin get familiar #Durrrrrrr

Tell us about life growing up in NYC?
Live was exciting being born in the Bronx during the birth of hip hop era then moving to Brooklyn introduced to Uncle Ralph McDaniel’s (Video Music Box) & Block Parties then moving to Harlem during the crack era & growing up up the block from 42st Times Sq definitely sculpted the person I am made me worldly from meeting people from all over the Globe also you know everything come thru NY 1st so you become knowledgeable about random things

What’s the origin behind your name?
Everybody call me kelo bout it’s too common a name to use as a stage name so I flipped it to Gramzunkut (grams uncut) ya dig that uncut dope pure grams.

How did music become your passion?
Growing up l’ve always felt something in music to that brings out so much emotion for me about every situation and It became the best way for me to express myself at the same time being very therapeutic to my metal well being
Also I’m able to make me some bank to maintain a living for me and my family so music is past passion music is my life

We read that Major stations, such as Hot 97 and Power 105.1, in NYC showcase your music, congrats. How would you describe your musical style?
My music is definitely some Ryder Music realistic & emotional sometimes fun sometimes angry telling stories of how
I’m out out here living it from my high to my lows.

You’ve got a new banger called ‘Siamese’. Tell us the concept behind the record and where it’s available.
Ty Ty it’s available everywhere from YouTube to Tidal, GooglePlay to Apple Music so go check it and y’all put that on repeat for a day or two
& as far as the concept
It’s a Harlem Double Up thing which goes back to the homie Ma$e ya dig.

Any plans for an album in the near future?
I’m just focused on these singles right now
I’ve been dropping single’s every month for 2020 it’s my #12for2020 Challenge
but I do have a “Best of Globalthugz” & “N.F.E. Vol 2” Compilation album coming in 2021.

Have you recently collabed with any other artists?
Yes I’ve done records in the past 2 yrs with “Kick Door” remix fea Uncle Murda
“Working Baby” feat Fred TheGodson, “P.O. Block fea Tek of Smif & Wessun & ” No Game fea Mikey Polo

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about the music business?
Keep yourself valuable

What’s next for you?
always staying creative & forever expanding, growing & my fanbase

Where can our readers follow you online?
Search Gramzunkut / Globalthugz

Any S/O’s?
Absolutely to my GTzEnterPrize Family I love y’all salute to Globalthugz & everybody that wanna see us win.

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