The Grynd Report’s exclusive interview w/ artist Cooley!

What’s going on Cooley? Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
Peace to everybody read this! See Double-O Ellie Why is what I go by. I’m from Northeast DC. Thank y’all for your time.

Tell us the origin behind your name Cooley.
Cooley is a nickname I got growing up. My first nickname was Polamalu because my hair was long as shit. One day, I got in trouble at school, so my mova made me cut it. I had a lil dumb 1980 fro and when niggas saw me, they said I looked like Cocheeze from Cooley High. From then people started calling me Cooley lol

What made you decide music was your passion?
Music has always been a part of my life. Whether as a kid in choir, a vocalist in either 3-4 Go-Go bands that never made it, or rapping in building hallways, it was always intertwined witcha man. I became passionate after hearing Suicidal Thoughts by Biggie Smalls. Rap, at first, just seemed like some cool shit to do. When I heard how Big used it, it hit like poem. It inspired me to rap about what was happening around me and how I really felt about it.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
“While Waiting To Die” is the first single off my upcoming project “WW2D”. It speaks to the inevitability of death, and how my homies and I grew up so familiar to that truth, we could talk about what would happen when we’d die. Moreover, it speaks to the relativity of death itself. Where one person could say it’s the end of life, another could say it’s the beginning of forever, and they’d both be right. To some people, there are worse things than dying.
You can find it anywhere you stream from, my guy.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?
You can catch me on your neighborhood court giving somebody 30! I’m out west for the moment, but this jumper work in every time zone, you hear me?! Lol If I’m back home, I’m wherever Guerilla Arts sends me. They’re an organization that teaches the culture of hip hop to the lil homies. That’s always lit for me.

What’s next for you?
I watch Marvel movies, moe. What I look like giving away spoilers? Lol I’d stayed tuned in if I were you, though. Nobody likes being the lat one to the lituation.

What’s your definition of Grynd?
Grynd is a mentality. A mindset that gives you the ability to grow and persevere despite obstacles being in your way. Anybody that makes something out of nothing and repeats has Grynd in them.

Where can we keep up with you online? for direct access to my music, videos, merch, and upcoming show dates and follow me on IG and Twitter @Cooley47music

Any S/O’s?
S/o to God always, the readers, Rebel Gang, LFF Studios, GW Entertainment, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, SkiesAintSafe and allat. and s/o to y’all for having me.

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