The Grynd Report Talks with Louie_Da_13th @louie_Da_13th

What’s good thanks for spending time with us. Tell us what it was like growing up in Queens NY?

What was it like growing up in Queens? Well, I’m from the Northside of Queens (Shadyville). To be honest I would have to say it was challenging and rough – depending on where you went. Also, what was going on between the different hoods. A lot of learning experiences that taught you to hold your own.

What inspired you to get into the music scene?

The love and passion I have for music has always resonated with me since I was young. As I got older and experienced real-life situations, I needed a way to express myself and curating music was the perfect outlet to do so. This enabled me to better cope with my struggles, stay out of trouble, and pursue my dreams.

You come from a city that created many dope rappers (50 Cent, NAS, Mobb Deep etc.). What is different about Louie _Da_13th coming out the city of queens?

Personally, I feel what sets Louie Da 13th apart from others is the authenticity and versatility within my music. At a very tender age, I began venturing into music of all genres before deciding to stick to Hip Hop. Because of this I feel it has birthed diverse musical knowledge and experiences which showcases the versatility within my craft. My songs are reflective of real-life situations, social issues, loss, love, life on the streets, and everyday challenges and how to deal with loss or finding the strength to face challenges. I wouldn’t categorize myself as the typical artist who just raps and boasts about money, women, and the luxurious lifestyle. There’s depth and significance behind my music. It reaches the masses and is relatable to all.

Describe your sound, how would you define the type of music you do for potential new fans?

My sound is distinctive yet familiar and loved by the masses. Providing relatable lyrics, with an addictive cadence, and high energy flows. His wordplay is unmatched as he can switch up to any and every beat.

Talk to us about the concept of your single “Call Me”.

The single comes as a catchy blend of emotions that include passion, sincerity, acceptance, and heartbreak. All of which come together in a masterful rendition that shows off the hip-hop artist as a talented and promising young singer. The trendy new track can be found on my recently released EP titled, Heartbreak Avenue.

How important is making sure artists have a business mindset in this business?

On the journey to becoming a successful artist entrepreneur, you must change the way you think. When it comes to running a company or being an entrepreneur, both insight and imagination are valuable assets. The willingness to follow your gut instinct is the same trait that has led to the growth of the world’s greatest and most profitable companies and people. Intuition, on the other hand, is responsible for some of the world’s greatest art. challenges and setbacks are blessings in disguise: they force you to overcome and adapt. Without a steady level of competition with yourself, you miss out on continual self-development, and such, the development of your artistry and business. Overall, you can be successful on this journey to becoming an artist entrepreneur! Like any other long-term goal, it will require both dedication and patience. Allow yourself to become a better version of yourself.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the music business so far?

From being both an artist and an industry thinker, I have learned that you must actively shut one brain off while the other is on. Sometimes you have to create from a purely human or emotional place. Network yet be selective about who you work and or partner with. Building working relationships is more important than money. Most of all, NEVER GIVE UP.

What is your definition of Grynd?

To achieve lasting success, and continue conquering multiple missions, it’s important to grind. In fact, it’s important to pair your grind with your hustle. Those who grind always search for moves, seeking to master where they’ve forcefully been positioned. Where hustlers make the right moves and master positioning. Grinders work tirelessly and have the most dedication making sure that every effort and opportunity reaps a valuable return.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @Louiethefuture

Twitter: @louie_Da_13th

Facebook: Louie_da_13th

Apple Music: Louie_Da_13th

Spotify: Louie_Da_13th

Any shoutouts?

I’d like to shout out all of my fans for their support. My son, my mom, my older brothers (Jai Jay, Robbie, Nova and James). They are my role models. Also, Minnee and Minnee Movement Media for assisting me along my career.