The Grynd Report Reviews new single “Brown Honey” by Metane @ThisIsMetane


Growing up in a black household one of the first things a black mother gives their child to recover from a bad cough is tea with “Brown Honey”. Metane an artist out of Orlando, Florida takes the meaning of “Brown Honey” to another level.

“Brown Honey” talks about the strength of a black women as she uses her love, soul, strength and spirit to be the foundation behind raising future black kings and queens of this world. What better way to do that than to use a familiar hip hop sample mixed with dope melodies, on point vocals, and great lyrics.

Metane speaks about the struggle black mothers had to deal with and continues to deal with till this day, while also helping to teach his young king his history and even in the circumstances that he’s born with he can still thrive as a great man.

In the visual for his single you see a real black family watching their young son grow up to an age where he can start going out on his own to meet his friend at a skating ring. All in making sure he drinks his tea with his “Brown Honey” to keep from getting sick. The video also shows you truly what a real black family looks like when having fun together.

Take away the message of the song and the new meaning of “Brown Honey” and overall you have a feel-good song, that catches your ear with a visual that keeps your eye on the important things in life. This is music you can hear at Block parties, Family picnics, movies, clubs etc. “Brown Honey” is the soundtrack to how our black women should always be represented.

We recommend listening to this song and watching the visual yourself. “Brown Honey” by Metane is available on all digital platforms.

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