The Grynd Report interviews music producer, Godbrother

Thank you for spending time with us GodBrother, please introduce yourself to our readers.
I am Godbrother a music producer outa Savannah Georgia, that outchea building a brand and making good music

We read you were born and bred in Savannah GA, what was life like growing up there?
Growing up in the port (seaport) is no different than growing up any where else. Our city is full of struggle and violence but also family and business. Growing up here as a kid you definitely made your fun, whether it be with sports or just around the neighborhoods with your people.

Back in high school is when you decided to dive in the music business as a rapper, what was the turning point to become a music producer?
The turning point for me was actually being exposed to the production and technical side of the music. I’ve always been a go getta and never was red to rely on anybody for what i wanted. Do i went out and put some equipment on layaway at a local pawnshop and paid it off and started making beats and recording for the group i was apart of and the production side took off from there.

Besides creating beats, do you also engineer? Why or Why not?
I do engineer. I feel as though one of the defining lines between a beatmaker and a Producer is learning to engineer because you ultimately control your sound from creation to finish. That’s not to say that if you don’t engineer you aren’t a producer but when i studied many of the major producers that’s what i saw. So i sat i. The music store and read every piece of literature i could on engineering and taught myself that part of the craft to give me that distinction

Currently, what artists are you working with?
I am currently working with 4 artist under my Entertainment group: Raw6 (@realraw6), Yung Juice(_yungjuice) , OSG Breeze(@osg_breeze)and MPerez(@official_mperez) I also have an artist in Atlanta by the name of Kaylaa (@hello_kaaylalynn) who i am working with.

Do you produce various genres of music?
Yes, I produce multiple Genres of music

How did you come up with your name?
My name come from my actual Godbrother who is co-owner of EndsmeetEndsEnt. He would always call me Godbrother and everyone would just began to say wats up Godbrother or aye Godbrother so i got tired of explaining that no I’m his Godbrother lol, so i just went with it.

Where can our readers find you online?
Right now you can find me on IG @justsworld or email

Any shout outs?
Wanna definitely shout out all my supporters and to every body that’s out here building their brand and perfecting their craft. One love to my family. Shout out to my patna Vonne (@gcodeforever) for being a tight a&r.

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