The Grynd Report interviews artist Savannah Rae | @thesavannahrae

Greetings Savannah Rae. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
Hi! Thank you for having me. I’m a country/pop singer from Boerne, Texas, right outside San Antonio!

What made you decide music was your passion?
My parents introduced me to music at a very young age. I remember growing up there would always be music blasting throughout the house and it gave me a great appreciation for it. It wasn’t until I started going to concerts at age 9 that I became interested in performing as well. I would see the lead singers on stage and I remember telling my parents “that’s what I want to do”! They enrolled me into guitar and vocal lessons and the rest, as they say, was history. I fell in love with performing and singing.

Growing up which artists could we catch you listening to?
My parents introduced me to a vast array of music. From Boston to Def Leppard, from Fleetwood Mac to Tupac, from Deftones to Madonna, we were listening to everything. However, I’ve always loved country music and would play Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, and Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift constantly.

Describe your music style to our readers.
I think my musical style is a nice blend of country and pop sounds. Think Kelsea Ballerini with hints of Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert. I don’t ever want to categorize myself into one genre, as I feel my music has so many different layers and influences to it.

Tell us about your new single ‘I Hate You’ that you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
We wrote ‘I Hate You’ as a classic break up song, but also a form of woman empowerment. I think most girls (or guys) can relate to the lyrics in the song and the feelings of anger towards somebody that has broken their heart. I wouldn’t actually ever “write my name in his hood” or “take his card and charge anything I want to” but what’s the harm in imagining? This song is available on all platforms and streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc.

What are some of your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?
This year is going to be big! I hope to go on and be a part of multiple tours, release a plethora of new music, and meet my supporters. I’m going to push out my music as much as I can and hope to reach new audiences that I’ve yet to attain.

What else can we find you doing besides Music?
While most of my life does revolve around music, I love photography, graphic design, and watching movies. I also enjoy eating. And by eating, I mean eating everything. I thankfully grew up in a family that loves food. When I’m not focusing on music, you can find me focusing on my next meal!

Where can we keep up with you online?
I am on all social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) under @thesavannahrae. My website is

Any Shout Out’s?
I want to give a big shout out to my manager Paula and the SOS Tour, my dad-ager, and my supporters. Without them, none of this would be possible. I am so thankful and I hope to one day make them proud!

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