The Grynd Report interviews artist Loc Rhymacide | @locrhymacide

What’s going on? Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
I’m happy to be here & I’m focused on the Grynd as always putting in work trying to get the best results that I can get. I’m Loc Rhymacide & I’m a Independent artist from Indianapolis,IN

What was life like growing up in your city?
I grew up in the inner city so it was a struggle but it was all love in my home though. I stayed in trouble with the law I was raised by my mom.

What made you decide music was your passion?
My big brother who is a artist as well (Reckless Rhymacide) made me take a liking to music. It was when I did a 4 year prison bid when I realized that it really was my passion.

Growing up which artists could we catch you listening to?
You could catch me listening to Scarface, Tupac, UGk, & 8 ball & MJG just to name a few.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
The single is titled “Look At Me Now” it’s off my album “No Nuts No Glory 22” which is available on all digital platforms right now. It’s a feel good song that will put you in that party mode at the same time make you wanna get some money.

What are some of your goals musically for the next 6 to 12 months?
My goal is to gain as much exposure as possible to grow my audience. I’m also focused on growing the Rhymacide brand just in general because I have apparel as well.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?
Being a father first & foremost but I also enjoy working out 3 to 4 times weekly.

What’s your definition of Grynd?
Putting the necessary work in to achieve your goals & staying focused on your mission at hand on your way to Success.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Instagram @Lorhymacide, Facebook Locrhymacide, Twitter @locrhymacide , Snapchat/locrhymacide &
Youtube/Loc Rhymacide.

Any S/O’s?
Shout out to my brother Reckless Rhymacide he’s the other half of the Rhymacide brand & to all my supporters that support the movement they know who they are.

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