The Grynd Report Exclusive Interview with CEO O.D

CEO O.D we appreciate you spending time with us. Break down the Origin behind your name?

I got my name truly from social media. I was going by just O.D. but when Facebook started to pop, I went to create an account and I couldn’t use O.D. I was talking to a friend of mine and he said “you a boss and you always buying sh!t so just put that” so from then I just stayed with that and built my brand around that name.

Music has the ability to define the mood someone can be in, in any given time. What about music inspired you to dive into it professionally?

Music truly saved my life when I was 10, I was in a deep depression from losing my father at 6 and I didn’t want to live anymore. But I seen a Nas video the song was called “The Message” I was so intrigued by how he told stories and put words together I thought to myself “I can do that and show the world my skill.”

How has your city contributed your growth as an artist today?

I’m from the south side of Chicago and this city will make you Crocodile skin tough. I feel if you can make it from here you can make it anywhere. It not really no big labels or media here so everyone is basically independent, so it just makes you work harder to get the attention from the industry and peers. This city really put you on your grind because you really got to go out and get it.

Talk to us about your recent project and what inspired its creation?

My current project is called “Freedom”. This project is about me finally being able to do everything I wanted to do in my career my way and hire the individuals I wanted to work with. On this project I recycled my black dollars with all my people from the graphics to the engineering, haircuts you name I spent my budget in my circle. With down this project I didn’t worry about anything but telling my story. I’m finally free.

Hard work and dedication are the major parts for success in anything you want to achieve. Why is it important to stay focused in a world of many distractions?

Because the goals you set hopefully will better the ones who are not here yet. So, it’s very to stay focus to secure your legacy at least that how I look at it for myself. One thing though to be honest the road if ruff and at times lonely but you can give in you gotta take your hit and get back up and keep moving Rome wasn’t build overnight so just relax and trust the process.

Lately we’ve seen you do a bunch of Virtual Concerts. How has that been a part of your success?

It has been bittersweet I love interacting with the Squad (fans) at my live show they pump me up but due to covid being safe is top priority so going virtual was a good option to connect with my Squad. I appreciate everyone who tune in to the show and share it.

Having a team has been the most important element for artists. What do you feel you need in your team to get to the goals you are looking to achieve?

You gonna really need likeminded individuals and people who are able to complete the tasks that are given to them. Everyone has to be on one accord and that should be taking your brand to the next level. And everyone must always educate themselves daily because that’s how quick this industry changes.

What does the vibe have to be like when creating a song in the studio?

A clean environment, a good meal, and a video game I got into gaming more while in quarantine shout to the Ape Stixx

What’s next for CEO O.D?

I’m currently working on another project to drop sometime this year for myself, I’m working with a dope artist by the name of Coolie Chi he is dropping something soon I’m a part of the production team for that project, and I’m planning to release my book this year.

Define your definition of Grynd?

My definition of grind is never giving up on you goal and constantly trying to improve in order to reach the goal you set for yourself.

What advice would you give to a new artist looking to get into the Music Business?
Learn the business and treat it like a business. The love you have for the game is the icing on the cake, you just gotta bake the cake. Trust the process, learn from your mistakes, and You determine your destiny no one but you. Show the game love and it will show you love back.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me at
Instagram: CEO_OD
Facebook: CEO_OD
Snapchat: CEO_OD
Twitter: CEO_OD

Any Shout outs?

I would like to thank you guys for always showing love to me I truly appreciate it. I wanna thank my Squad because without them there is no me, my family, my 1ent staff, coolie chi, jontae, my photographer Ant, my engineer 12 tone, my manage fab at DDS, manny mcfly, my bro snelling, my bro Ricky, my bro poodie my city Chicago south side Englewood NoLuvCity Madmob, my barber Dre and everyone else who is a part of this CEO O.D. 1ent movement Squad.

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