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My name is Idara Dorsey aka Idara. I’m an artist from Miami Fl, I’ve been writing and recording music since the age of 11 and I’m now 20 years old. I first started going to the studio, when I was 12 years old and I’ve been in love with recording ever since. My first feelings in the studio was just like a fresh breath of freedom and relief. Being in The studio for me is like a musical therapy. I release my feelings on hot beats and I feel a sign of relief, it feels like I dropped a big weight off my shoulder. I was born into a Family, who already had a love for music. Being around such talented people, it has rubbed off on me.

If it wasn’t for my uncles playing old school music at a cook out, my Granddaddy playing the guitar and my Father constantly taking me to the studio. I don’t think my love for music would have evolved as much as it has . My father was the first person to take me to the studio and I’m forever grateful for that. I kept bugging him because he spent so much time in the studio that I wanted to know what was so great about recording. The first song, I recorded at 12 was horrible because it didn’t have a hook or chorus. I was just rapping sentences straight through without stopping. That didn’t stop me or discourage me from creating my music. By the age of 13, I recorded a song called “I had enough “and I also recorded a video for it. My Father funded and choreographed my first video. That video is still on YouTube today.

I have continued to record music over the years and I’ve been remixing other artist music on sound cloud to help me get my buzz up. I wrote about things I saw people around me go through, such as relationships and the struggle. I created a mix tape called Nasty 19 featuring some pretty hot underground artist, I released it on sound cloud. Nasty 19 was about me explaining my life at the age of 19 and how, I saw the world through my eyes. Also noticing things as an adult that I didn’t understand as a kid. Nasty 19 is a great project that contains 19 songs.

Now that, I am 20 and moving forward. I plan to be the best artist, I can be and learn from my life lessons. I want young woman and girls to look up to me and feel empowered by say to themselves “If IDARA CAN MAKE IT, I CAN MAKE IT TOO. I want happiness and positivity in a world, full of evil and darkness. I’m young but, Im ready to chase my dreams life is too short for Regrets.

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