Styngray explains why hustling is necessary all the way “Till The Casket Drop” @StyngrayChosen

In a world where you’re born in areas that’s harder to survive, one thing that is consistent is no matter what you must hustle to live. Styngray know this all to well growing up in the streets of Chicago.

Hailing from one of the hardest environments the world has to offer. Styngray takes his experience and pours it into his new single “Till The Casket Drop” produced by AMP where he talks about the struggles and what it’s like to be young in the streets.

The Streets is exactly what it is the streets, and what’s understood never has to be explained so I’ll leave it to you to understand what it takes to Hustle. When you listen to this track lyrically he delivers as a hip-hop artist should which is also designed for you to pay attention.

Styngray ends off the song with what he wants his future to look like, which also explains his growth. You can’t progress without a vision and you can’t make that vision a reality without the hustle. Therefore “The hustle don’t stop till the casket drop”.

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