Spice Lo – The Cabernet Facade (Feat. Andre Jamal) |@iamspicelo

Tragedy and triumph combine into inspiring
album from East Coast artist Spice Lo

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Detroit raised, Carolina adopted hip-hop artist Spice Lo has a gem for the
world to hear called “The Cabernet Facade.” This heavily R&B-influenced project displays a lot
of potential for the young artist as he continues to show the world how high his ceiling can be
in the music industry.

This is the perfect album for those who want to play a sonically beautiful album during those
late nights and feel as though there’s somebody out there who can relate to what they’re going
through. What is especially impressive about this project is how involved Spice Lo is with his
production. Spice is a producer in addition to being a lyricist and singer – and he’s a very good
one, at that. Combine that with his vocal talent and lyricism, and you get solid albums such as
“The Cabernet Facade.”

Spice Lo simply matches the energy of the beats with his own vocal energy as he gives you
everything he has with this project. The man is an artist in every sense. Listeners can feel his
experiences with pain, joy, love and lust through every single verse. And his catchy hooks pull
the listeners in and keep them wanting more and more. Spice Lo’s music is an experience, and
“The Cabernet Facade” simply adds to that truth. It’s an experience worthy of all ears to listen
to, especially ears that crave both hip-hop and R&B.

Spice Lo’s music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Souncloud and his website. To
listen to Spice Lo’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:
Snapchat: @Derektjm


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