SKE Records Q The Question talks streaming, marketing on Inoslen @qthequestion

It’s time for the Vibe Essential. Tonight’s show is a very important one. The hosts N.OS and Brandon breaks down the definition of a manager and why artists need to take their time when choosing the right one. N.O.S tells us that a manager is responsible for the success of your career as an artist.

He or she must understand money and how it works in this business. Brandon jumps into the tips on being a great manager and the skills that manager should have. Listen up, artists! More knowledge for this episode. Do you know the different between publishing and a Publicist; If not, the hosts got you covered.

Our special guest goes in depth about managing artists, publishing, and running a label. Meet Q The Question, CEO of SKE Records and very popular publicist on the scene. Q talks about his business, best marketing practices, the success of streaming music and learning the music business. This episode is very educational. So take notes, sit back and enjoy the show!


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