[Single] Buddha DaRula “Bye Felicia” | @Buddhadarula

Buddha DaRula is an independent artist born and raised in Gary, Indiana; A city that had Bred musical greats such as pop legend Michael Jackson. In grade school, he began writing poetry and his early work was inspired by Lil Wayne. In 2014, he started rapping and taught himself to record to help express his artistry.

2020 was an iconic year for Buddha DaRula. He started polishing his craft- less writing and more emotion. So far, he has released 3 songs and 1 EP. His latest single is “Bye Felicia!”

Although, he is currently working on dropping more projects; but tends to focus more on the quality of music rather than the amount put out.

Check out his new single “bye Felicia “ now streaming in all platforms.

Instagram: @Buddhadarula


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