Shah Cypha Chats with Sisaundra on Music, TV, and Life

Embracing a Musical Heritage: Sisaundra’s Early Roots

Sisaundra’s journey into music began from her roots as a preacher’s kid (PK) growing up in the South. Her family’s strong musical background and her father’s pastoral influence played a pivotal role in her early interests in music. “I grew up as a migrant worker… my father was a sharecropper. He was a pastor, but he was also a sharecropper,” said Sisaundra. Her early exposure to music through church and her family’s gospel group, the Lewis Sisters, offered a fertile ground for her budding talent.

At just five years old, Sisaundra’s first performance in church marked the beginning of a lifelong journey. “I started singing at five years old, and I realized that it was, it was healing and touching people in such a unique way,” she shared. Singing was not just a hobby or even a passion for Sisaundra; it was interwoven into the very fabric of her life, guiding her decisions and aspirations.

Sisaundra’s early years were also characterized by hard work in the orange groves of Florida. This humbling experience grounded her and instilled a relentless drive to make a better life through her music. “It was an honest living, but it was a very, very hard life to live. And I just prayed and asked God to please get me out of here,” she recounted. This prayer was answered when she made her way to Atlanta and landed her first big break with Peebo Bryson, which eventually led her to work alongside Celine Dion.

The Gift of Purpose: Sisaundra’s Musical and Television Career

Sisaundra’s journey is a testament to the power of recognizing and honoring one’s purpose. Her talent and dedication earned her a spot alongside Celine Dion for five major world tours. “I ended up doing five major world tours with her as her vocal director. And… it was one of the most amazing seasons of my life to work with her,” she reflected. This experience not only validated her talent but also solidified her belief in her purpose.

Sisaundra’s television show on Afro TV, “The Sisaundra Show,” is another extension of her purpose. On the show, she brings together entrepreneurs and musicians, offering them a platform to share their stories and inspire others. “My show, I was like, I want to be the show that people can come and say, hey, I went through this and I overcame.” Her own journey is a powerful example of overcoming adversity, and she uses her platform to highlight stories that can motivate others facing similar struggles.

Sisaundra’s work on television has a far-reaching impact, touching the lives of many who tune in to hear stories of resilience and success. “We are on Comcast Xfinity channel 1623 and it also stream\[s] on… N o w\… Now\… it changes their life… and it helps someone else that may have been going through what they’ve been going through,” she shared. Through her show, Sisaundra continues to fulfill her purpose of spreading joy and healing through music and storytelling.

The Crucial Role of Support Systems: Family and Community

One of the recurring themes in Sisaundra’s story is the importance of support systems. Her family’s unwavering support, especially during her tours, was instrumental in her success. “When you think about it, you know, it’s overwhelming. When I finished that show, I could not even walk in LAx airport… The power of television has changed my life. And I’m hoping that with each guest that comes on the Sisaundra show, it changes their life,” she said. This reflection underscores the profound impact of familial and community support on her journey.

During her demanding career, Sisaundra’s family stepped in to help raise her son when she was on tour. “I was away from family for a lot of my life after I left home. And they were extremely supportive, especially my parents,” she acknowledged. This collective effort ensured that she could seize life-changing opportunities without compromising her familial responsibilities.

Sisaundra’s support network extends beyond her family to her local community and her wider audience. The positive feedback and encouragement from fans and viewers drive her to continue her work. “The excitement most of the time is, ‘I’ve never been on TV before. I cannot believe I have the opportunity to be on TV and tell 12 million people about me, my life, my story, what I’m doing,’” she explained. This enthusiasm from her guests and viewers pushes her to keep providing a platform for others to share their talents and stories.

Recap of Key Themes and Insights

Sisaundra’s story is rich with insights on the importance of staying true to one’s purpose, the impact of a supportive network, and the rewards that come from hard work and dedication. Her musical journey, from humble beginnings to sharing stages with iconic artists like Celine Dion, exemplifies the transformative power of talent coupled with relentless drive. “I started singing at five years old, and I realized that it was, it was healing and touching people in such a unique way,” she emphasized, highlighting how her gift became a way to connect and heal.

Furthermore, her transition to television with “The Sisaundra Show” expands her influence, allowing her to give back by offering a platform for others to share and inspire. “My show, I was like, I want to be the show that people can come and say, hey, I went through this and I overcame,” she recounted. This embodies her belief in the shared human experience and the power of storytelling in fostering resilience and community.

Finally, the integral role of family and community support in Sisaundra’s life cannot be overstated. “I was away from family for a lot of my life… They were extremely supportive, especially my parents,” she recounted. This network of support enabled Sisaundra to pursue her dreams while ensuring her family’s well-being. Her story illustrates that while talent and determination are crucial, having a strong support system is equally important in achieving success.

Sisaundra’s journey, as explored in her conversation with Shah Cypha, is a compelling narrative of grit, grace, and giving back. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone on their own path to greatness. With a steadfast belief in her purpose, a supportive network, and a relentless work ethic, Sisaundra continues to make her mark in music and television, uplifting others along the way.


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