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For Kidz Bop star Sela Hack launches solo career with
standout single ‘Spoiled’

SAN ANTONIO, TX – After a childhood spent touring and recording with Kidz Bop – covering hundreds of pop songs on one of the industry’s hottest-selling annual albums – Sela Hack is ready to launch her own solo career. Her debut single is a song called “Spoiled,” and it’s one that she wrote, produced and is distributing all on her own.

Self-described as a pop singer with a rock edge, Sela uses “Spoiled” to showcase her unique sound and style. Though she’s been singing and performing for nearly a decade, it’s only been recently that she’s started writing her own music. “Spoiled” is one of those songs that came in a
flash of inspiration, and she liked it so much that she decided to make it her debut single.

“The idea came when I was watching something on TV and someone said something about being spoiled,” Sela said. “I liked the word and wrote it in my song notes, and then forgot about it. It wasn’t until weeks later when I was sitting at the piano at 11 at night wanting to write something that I remembered it. And I just started writing, wondering how I was going to incorporate the idea of spoiled into a song. And it just  happened in 15 minutes. It all came together so easy and I knew I had a good song.”

At only age 17, Sela said she knows she has a long ways to go to achieve the kind of career that only superstars dream of, but it’s a goal she hopes to achieve for herself someday. She already has a leg up on the competition with her background of professional recording and touring.

At only age 14 she was hired by Razor and Tie as a back-up singer and dancer for Kidz Bop. In 2016 she was promoted and subsequently toured to more than 60 cities. During that time she also got to do some commercials and music videos – all combining to give her an education of the industry that most adults don’t even get to enjoy.

“And now I’m ready to do my own music,” Sela said. “I’m 17 now and I know what I want to do. I love pop music, but when I was starting to make my own music I decided I didn’t want to be your basic sugar-coated pop singer. I love pop melodies and vocals, but I want to keep it kind of edgy with a more alternative sound. When I first got started I was in a rock band with my three brothers, so I use a lot of that sound in my music. I call it pop with an edge. Plus, my lyrics are a little bit deeper than traditional pop music, though it’s not anything that people can’t
understand. More than anything, I’m just so ready to put my own music out there. I’ve been covering other people’s songs for so long, I’m excited to put something that’s mine out to the world. Hopefully people will enjoy it, and five years from now I hope I’ll be super successful and
have my songs on the radio.”

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