SamD expresses his emotion in new single “Off Vibes” @AWM_SamD

Relationships come with ups and downs, over time you figure out the things you like and don’t like about a person. Although neither one in the relationship can read minds, you can tell when something is wrong when the Vibes are off.

Riding through Gulfport, MS we run into artist SamD who explains his experience dealing with different vibes. Teaming up with producer Young Nab, they put together a single perfectly titled “Off Vibes”. The song talks about when things start looking, feeling and even sounding different. “Don’t Treat Me Brand New Girl” kicks off the verse followed by lyrics describing changes and pain.

No one in a relationship is perfect but when you don’t understand why the vibes are off you literally don’t know what to do. SamD and Young Nab put together something related to any situation.

Stream “Off Vibes” by SamD on all digital platforms now

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