PYM KEVO displays pure street emotions in new single “Street Talk”

One of the things you can’t control when you are born is the environment you grow up in. It is up to the people around you to define your life experiences until you are old enough to create your own. Sometimes where u live is all your family can afford to raise you and how you learn to navigate it may determine your survival.

PYM KEVO talks struggle, misery, backstabbing and more in new single “Street Talk.” Imagine waking up in the morning to the same negativity, pain and struggle knowing it’s your path to something better but necessary for your growth. This is what Street Talk gives you when you listen to it.

With Lyrics like “knowing this ain’t how supposed to be but how it’s gotta be, hits home when you familiar with his type of surroundings. When it’s all said and done Kevo calls on God to guide him and forgive any sins that he may display. “Street Talk” is truly pain music and PYM KEVO has that locked down.

See for yourself with the official video now available on YouTube

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