Project Baby K details struggle and hustle in new single “Gusto”

When you think about struggle, things come to mind like hard times, lack of money, trouble, unfair circumstances, long days, longer nights, and pain. When you think come up, things come to mind like blessings, better environments, more money, finally focused, almost made it, and can’t turn back. To get from struggle to come up you have to be patient while putting in the work and promising not to give up.

Project Baby K is a hip hop artist from Dothan, Alabama who has had his share of struggle and pain on the way to the come up. The only way he can describe his pain is by music, so teaming up with producer Kevin Campbell they put together the single Gusto. The best thing about this song is how he tells the story of his life while letting the world know how he loves him mom and she is his backbone.

One thing the streets always had was a mom or grandmother that was respected and loved. Project Baby K talks about the difficulties, never giving up, dodging the haters and non-believers, and staying protected at all times. There is nothing like relatable music because it will always get you to tune in and think about your own struggles. Visually Project Baby K linked up with director eyegotthevisual to show the story behind the music.

We need you to tune in and stream Gusto on all platforms then increase the views on the official video on YouTube now.

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