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A native of Altus, Oklahoma groomed in Deltona, Florida aspiring MC Kross is a life long poetry junky who has used that as his greatest influence in crafting his skill set as a Hip Hop performer.  Balancing life’s responsibilities with his passion he has kicked off the new year with a renewed focus on his love for the culture and music of his beloved genre.  I sat down with the recent winner of the Writer’s Block NYC competition for a some insight into his journey in music and goals going forward.
Jason Bourne: Oklahoma is not particularly known as a hotbed for Hip Hop – how did your love for the genre and culture begin ?

Kross: Surprisingly, it started off slow. I have always had a love for music in general but when I was younger I saw Hip Hop as a way to captivate, less than about the messages.   The first time I delved deeper was when I was with my cousin and he had on an Eminem CD. I laugh thinking back because I definitely was too young for the content but it was that moment when I started seeing the difference in content and the impact of lyrics. By the time I moved to Florida my perspective widened.

Jason Bourne: What was it about the music ?

Kross:  When I was younger I couldn’t comprehend the complexity of bars and the meaning behind them. The emotions that are brought upon the individuals’ lives and their experiences which leads to a certain perspective. I was always entranced by the mix of the different sounds. I fell more in love with the lyrics and how Hip Hop was a way to express yourself and tell your story. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of lessons just by what artists have shared in their music.

Jason Bourne: Who were some of your favorite artists early on ?
Kross: I feel like I’ve forgotten a few but just off the top there’s Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I, Ludacris, Tech N9ne, and OutKast.Jason Bourne: Talk to us about your upbringing – how was home life ?

Kross:  Well my Mother and my Biological Father had divorced when I was 1-2. So i was mostly raised by my Step Father. My mother met him only about a year or so later. We lived in a 2 story house in a small town called Woodward. It was pretty simple living until we moved to Florida in 1999, I was either 6 or 7. I had 3 older brothers that lived with us but once we moved they started moving out and going on their own adventures so soon after I grew up somewhat as an only child. Home life was, in my eyes, normal. My step-dad would try to make me tough and push my limits while my mom would showed unconditional love and support. She was maybe a little overbearing but that’s to be expected of mothers. We moved back to Oklahoma in 2008 and I finally came back in 2013. So I’ve been back and forth for a while between the two.  

Jason Bourne: Were you always a great communicator or did you find something specifically in writing music that allowed you to express your thoughts easily.Kross:  I used to be very quiet and shy. To this day some of those remnants exist within my personality. I believe it was just being able to sit down and break it all down at my own pace that drew me in. Over time, it became less about what I felt and a bit more about what I observed. The music tended to mix with my own perspectives and philosophy.Jason Bourne: Who do you feel is your audience and what is the message you are Trying to deliver ?

Kross:  I once had a friend tell me that my songs would make her think. That always stuck with me. I realized that I was able to reach someone’s mind and stimulate it into thinking about things from different angles. So I would say my audience is anyone that has had trouble and misfortune in their life. My goal is to inspire a positive that can alter the lens that they look at life through.
Jason Bourne: producers on your wish list to work with 
Kross:  I’ve never had any desire to work with anyone specifically. But that doesn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t mind working with almost everyone. I enjoy the possibilities when you bring together different talent.
What can we expect from you in the new year ?
 Kross: 2020 is gonna be a big year for me. There is a lot of change happening in my personal life and I believe it is going to give me the necessary tools and energy for my future projects. So keep an eye out for me.   

Jason Bourne: How did you learn about Writers Block NYC ?
Kross: It’s a funny story. I was actually at a hospital eating lunch. My job was to pick up confidential material from the hospital. I was taking a moment and was writing something down, sounding it out, making sure it was flowing correctly. Then suddenly one of the members, Maria Guzman, came up to me and was inquiring if that was me. I felt a bit embarrassed at first but I realize she thought it was dope. She is the one that gave me the invite and here we are now.

Jason Bourne: Talk to us about the accomplishment of winning their recent competition

Kross: It is an honor. Honestly I was nervous about it, but I’ve been trying to put myself out there more. I’ve realized it doesn’t matter what you have to offer if you aren’t reaching nobody. The group has been very supportive and I couldn’t ask to be part of a better team. My only hope is we can all push each other to be better through our own artistic competition

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