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A product of listening to golden era Hip Hop in his native East New York, Notes82 credits the likes of Nas, Jay Z and the Notorious B.I.G. as his greatest musical influences.  Motivated by his parents to delve deeper into the art of quality sounds, Notes82 would gather timeless tunes from Marvin Gaye and Anita Baker as he would grow over his formative years.   By 2016 Notes82 would be at the helm of his own imprint Clearview Music Group which spawned the release of his first project The Vision. His follow up Good Morning America would break in 2017 and Notes had arrived.  In Hip Hop that is. As an MC, an artist, gatekeeper of the elements of his beloved culture.   2018 saw the alignment of his goals and worth ethic with another like mind in Live Johnson, under the umbrella Every Dolla Counts.   With the release of Reflections this past May Notes has risen the bar for himself and provided great example for his peers who may have lost their way in creativity.  Retooling his personal empire now known as Notes82 Production Company, Notes has added other credentials such as graphic designer.  Listen to his latest body of work Reflections.

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