Plugged In Feature: Leek Santana drops debut “Self Made Vol 1”

Known as Leek Santana, this Wyandanch, Long Island native is hard at task promoting his brand of music which has culminated in the release of his debut, Self Made Vol 1. An aspiring MC, whose talent has garnered the support of his entire community Leek Santana is in the midst of his most successful 12 months since his inception in 2009. With his follow up, Born to Win already in the works as he pushes his agenda of empowering his associates and creating opportunities for their like minds.

“I’m young hungry and coming to take over. I got started by chilling with friends writing music every day. I was inspired to be a rapper by listening to rappers like Big, Jay-Z, and Lloyd Banks.”

Push ambition.   And great acts to follow. Down on his grind, personable, honest and authentic. Those are Leek Santana’s attributes. And he is still evolving. Stay Tuned.


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