Plugged In Feature: Duce Da Privilege

Duce Da Privilege aka Duce Privi is a multi-faceted contributor to the entertainment industry. A rapper, actor, designer, curator and more he has been leaving his mark on the Big Apple for a little over a decade and a half. What started with a stint on indie label J30 has now blossomed into an ever-growing empire for the Brooklyn native. After recently releasing his 3rd installment of the G.E.D.Mentality series titled “From The Streets To The Office” he has plans to add seasoning by dropping a visual deluxe edition which he will be starring in and directing. This will be added to a long list of other accolades on the horizon for Duce including headlining the Privi & Friends concert at SOBs this coming December ; other recent events such as The Privi Experience pop up shop / game night and Lets Get Back 2 Rap concert series have had good impact on the NYC circuit.


On the Web Series circuit Duce has established himself as a valuable commodity with credits via Best Frenemies, Juicy The Series, Bad Girl, His Story, Diagnosis P.T.S.D, Lets Go: A Vintage Story as well as appearances in Money & Violence, Pieces Series, A Story Teller and cameo in Meek Mills’ classic Dreams & Nightmares video.


As Duce continues to brand himself he also multi-tasks in the responsibility of uplifting his Knetwork Ent / GX Media entities. Both of which aim at creating platforms and opportunities for talented creatives to expand their audience through various promo and merchandising ventures.


“We provide various expansion and income opportunities to talent and creatives as well as influencers. Our motto is everybody eats.”


Duce’s list of collaborators past and present includes: Beanie Sigel, Joell Ortiz, GunPlay/TorchMMG, Frenchie/YungJoeyBSM, FredTheGodson, Cortez, 2Pistols, JazTheRapper, and Rowdy Rebel (GS9).


“My ultimate goal is to succeed at creating my financial freedom through my skills/talents, while helping others do the same. More specifically, continue to connect the supply & demand for those who aren’t able to do so themselves or need guidance in doing so.”


Motivated by his growing up in an entrepreneurially driven home, Duce had his first business at eight years old; four years later he accomplished his first stage performance at 12.


“Once I became an artist, I got tired of spending so much money to make music & push myself. I learned how to a lot of things myself in the aspects of recording, engineering, marketing, and promotion. The more self-sufficient I became, the more motivated I was. I’ve taken what I have learned and created a business out of it.”


Duce is the founder of Knetgear Apparel which has new designs in the works. The gear can be purchased at