OGDAKWEEN is fully aware of the hates she receives in new single “Thick”

Success is something everyone looks to achieve when they have a dream they want to follow. What follows behind success is the people who try to hate on you for achieving the dream you work so hard for. Depending on the level of success sometimes determines the amount of hate. Instead of calling it deep this time we are calling it “Thick”.

OGDAKWEEN came up in multiple cites and has experienced different levels of hate all while focusing on her dream in music. Her new single “Thick” breaks down the different types of hate she has received. No matter what she continues to keep pushing forward with no signs of stopping.

If you ask her about her life, she will tell you she went from Poverty to Power which defines every aspect. Thick touches on all of that but really believing in herself is key and really shows in this single.

We don’t want to give away the full song, so we invite you to listen for yourself now on all digital platforms

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