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Kryke’s is not the only troublesome past. SK was once one of the most wanted men in Georgia by the police. He was accused of murder, though he says it was in self-defense. What is clear though is his gangbanging past where he indulged in countless misdemeanors. In his latest track titled ‘Rite Now’ lays his ‘killer’ past in the introduction. After he received an acquittal, the only thing he has been doing is murdering the beat.

The raspy-voiced JHugh has also seen a past many that would call nightmarish. Prison walls inspire his passion, zeal, and hunger for self-expression. They were his mute friends for a while when he was doing time for breaking and entering.

Despite their challenging pasts, under the management of Tony M Fountain, this hip-hop crew is now making a name in the industry. Born in 1984 and educated at Full Sail University, Tony is a visionary talent nurturer. Now the team is experimenting with new software that will see their music stream on multiple platforms at the same time. Fans are also anxious for part 2 of the 478 Gang mixtape.

Cult or not, the Now Entertainment team has a date with destiny. All we have to do is watch the space charts.

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