Nitro Nix touches his Female Audience with new single “Senorita”. @NitroNix_

Philadelphia rapper Nitro Nix teams up with producer Ty Rose for a dope Collab focusing on Nitro’s female fans with “Senorita”. This song talks about what he loves in a woman and what a real woman is in his eyes.

Straight from the horse’s Mouth (“I’m looking for a good girl can you be my Senorita…huh….baby can you be my Senorita??) Nitro uses his Fluid flow to let the world hear his definition of a Good Girl.

In Addition, he also lets his fans know what type of man he is and will be for his “Senorita”. To know Nitro Nix is to understand Nitro Nix and someone who is down for him is the focus of this single.

“Senorita” is a record that will be around for a long time. Fellas if you don’t know what to tell your girl just play her this song.

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