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Meet Tajhia Ann , The Small Town Country girl from Tennessee. She believes that “teamwork makes the dream work”. Tajhia started modeling in 2010 while attending MTSU in a campus organization called Savior Fair Modeling Troupe. Tajhia specializes in modeling of all types such runway, lingerie, hair, vixen and brand ambassador to name a few. In 2013 she had her son so she took a break and after the first 3 yrs into motherhood she got to a point where she was tired of living her life for everyone else other than self & her child, so Tajhia decided she was going to start back working on pursuing her dreams & goals of modeling.

Once she started back and decided to go for it, it was like opportunities just kept falling in her lap before she even had her plan mapped out. The realistic person that she is, Tahjia had no choice but to keep herself kicked in to gear & take advantage of the blessings she had previously prayed for. Tajhia Ann has been published, walked in numerous fashion shows and worked with various artists such as T-Pain and Young Dolph. Stay tuned because you will be seeing more of her soon.

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