[New Single Review] Goldie Mac- Live In The Trap

The Trap is where you learn what’s understood don’t need to be explained.

To understand the trap, talk about the trap, move through the trap and survive within the trap. You must “LIVE IN THE TRAP”. GOLDIE MAC an artist out of middle Tennessee is one who has been the trap, seen the trap and by right “LIVE IN THE TRAP”.

He proves this in his latest single properly titled “LIVE IN THE TRAP” where he explains exactly what the trap is, what he must do to survive in it. The focus is to make money, conduct business while holding your own and making sure no one can take it from you.

As stated earlier what’s understood don’t need to be explained, but when you “LIVE IN THE TRAP”. You look different, move different, see different & survive different. GOLDIE MAC is different and with this single he proves it from start to finish.

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