New “On The Grynd Live” Interview with Beezy Franchise

Indiana artist Beezy Franchise talks wearing multiple hats, being a professional in his craft and why he is focus on the next level. Learn more about him below

Beezy Franchise personifies what quality music is all about. Being harnessed as “Tha Franchise”, He peaks in just about every area of the music game. Being an R&B vocal powerhouse, a witty and multi-demensional Mc/lyricist, A phenomenal songwriter, and a top notch producer, distinguishes this title.

Hailing from South Bend In., Beezy started singing at the age of 3 and hasnt stopped. He and his family recognized his voice and ear for music was special early on, and he began to sing in his churchs adult choir at the age of 9. As time progressed he was introduced to hip-hop and fell in love wit it. At the age of 16 is when Beezy began producing music and fell in love with that as well. Some of his biggest and most proud accomplishments is to have produced a record for national r&b recording artist Vedo titled “No More”, as well as dropping his latest single featuring Empire r&b artist T-rell titled “Hittin” .

Beezy has musical versatilty like no other in the game. He has the ability to make you cry with a beautiful ballad, Get you hyped and amped up with fiery lyricism, and produce and write for just about every genre of music. There is no limit to his musical capabilities. He does it all..and does it the best. Beezy Franchise has a superior and top notch sound that is relevant and proves to be timeless in an ever-changing music game and he is much needed.


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