Ottawa, ON – Hip Hop artist, JAM releases his newest single “Royal”. It’s written by JAM, produced by Prince & Lynx from King Of Heaven Records. This is JAM’s third single this year which features the soulful and sultry vocalist Nu Linh from Paris, France. “Royal” hits the urban gospel music scene just in time for the summer.

“Royal” is a breath of fresh air for all listener’s and lovers of the urban music scene. He offers us something completely different from what we are used to and he does not disappoint. His versatility as a hip hop artist shines through in this performance. In “Royal, JAM recalls and testifies of his faith without it coming across as sermon but rather as a conversation between friends. He and Nu Linh provides the listener with an encouraging message of hope and delivers it beautifully without overshadowing one another.

This feel good banger is sure to hit airwaves as well as it penetrates the listener’s soul. Nu Linh’s voice pulls you in and invites the listener to join in as soon as you hear her say Royal repeated. This song takes it’s audience on a positive filled joy ride and continuously offers them to take part in this new found identity check. They’re doing it “Royal”!

JAM is a hip hop artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. He started writing at the age of 13 and he was heavily influenced by urban pop culture, thus creating a style of his own. Since having given his life over to Christ, JAM has been ministering using his gift in music, within the gospel hip hop genre. “Royal” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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