New Interview with Maribased1

What’s good Maribased1, give us the background behind your name?

What’s good Everyone, I had got my name by paying homage to Lil B the Basedgod back in 2012. By taking the second half of my name and adding based to it, now you got MariBased. I eventually added the 1 later on down the line because I am the one. So now you got MariBased1.

We haven’t heard too many artists from Seattle, Washington. What is the hip hop scene like for independent artists?

The Hip-Hop scene out here in Seattle for Independent artist is very diverse. We have all walks of life out here, when it comes to talent & music. We have street music, the backpacker music, live bands, to even Rock n Roll & pop. We are very diverse & everybody’s in their own lane. Seattle Music Is Real!

What was it like growing up in your city?

Growing up in Seattle was wild. I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else. I grew up near high point off Delridge in White Center, west Seattle area, where I attended Chief Sealth high school as a teenager. Living in that neighborhood was crazy only a few blocks away from the heart of White Center off Delridge where everything went down. You’d always hear police sirens or fire trucks going off I got to say the west was and still is no joke. But that’s just like any other typical neighborhood in the CD or South end of Seattle.

What was it about music that made you want to get involved in the business?

As a kid watching my pops (Mr. Benjamin) being a rapper & being around music all my life, i was born into the life. I naturally gravitated towards creating my own music. As years went on, I knew had the talent to be in this music business. I soaked up game from my pops, I studied the game, & I listened because he already walked the walk. He’s passing it onto me now the new era next generation of Seattle music.

You have been seen on platforms like Bet Jams and MTV Jams to name a few. What has been the response so far on the music you have already released?

The responses to being on Bet jams has been unexplainable. When I first came on Bet jams the buzz spread like wildfire around the city. My 1st ever Facebook live video damn near went viral 300k plus views and my first ever music video Rippin n Runnin hit 1 million views I was getting a lot of love. My Song BOUNCIN (which was the first song of mines to air of Bet jams, MTV jams) even got picked up in the shoe stores around the nation. Like Footlocker, Champs, Kids Footlocker, etc. I’ve had a lot of people call me and send me videos of my song or the music video playing in those stores in the surrounding malls in the Seattle Tacoma area. I even had a random female hit me on Instagram from Virginia saying she heard my song in footlocker and searched me up. This is the stuff that drives to keeps going! Stuff like that is a blessing and the feeling is an unexplainable feeling.

How does it feel to be the first rapper from your city to be considered for a Grammy award?

I am the first independent Seattle rapper from my sector to be considered for a Grammy for ‘Best Melodic Rap Performance’. It feels amazing! & I feel honored to even be considered. Because where I come from, especially on a independent level people don’t receive that type of recognition. It goes to show anything is possible & my hard work is paying off and not going unnoticed. Never gave up on my dream!!

During the pandemic you gave back to your city during a back-to-school giveaway. How important is it for artists to be active in their communities?

Yeah, I pulled up on my guy 28AV another Seattle rapper & supported his back-to-school backpack give away. Where we gave out free backpacks with school supplies, free haircuts, & a hot meal.

It is very important for artist to be active in their communities because I feel like you have to show love to where you grew up. For example: when I was a kid growing up, my pop MrBenjamin has his own day April 13th proclamation MrBenjamin day for promoting positive hip-hop to the youth showing that all hip-hop ain’t bad. He used to go to schools and talk to the kids about why school is cool we even gave away mattress to the community for those family that was sleeping on the floor king size mattress at that. The first rap ever to do something of that magnitude for my city. The Seattle Seahawks players use to come to the Boys & Club every holiday season and take us Christmas shopping. Stuff like that made a big impact on me & the other kids & it’s a memorable moment & experience. So, giving back to the community is very important because you can make a big impact on many individuals.

What would you say is the perfect studio environment for you when creating a new song?

The perfect studio environment for me is when I light up the room a different depending on my mood of the song. If I’m feeling blue, I’m have the whole room lit up blue. If I’m feeling red, vice versa. That just sets the mood for me & I feed off that.

In 2022 you plan to release an album 48Oz’s. What is the concept behind the whole project?

The concept behind the whole project is, this is the sequel to my 2nd mixtape that I released back in 2017 called 24Oz. I just doubled the number up to get 48Oz. The album is going to consist of 15 tracks. With three lead singles, 48 Ratchet ft. BeatKing, Love Me ft. JWAVY, & Xuicide. I Also have a record on there that crosses genres (HipHop/Gospel) call Holy Ghost ft Jwavy produced by Shane Foster DFD music. I figured if Kanye west a major label artist can do it why can’t MariBased1. I’m giving the indie music scene something different with a twist like the majors and big superstar but on an independent level playing field looking to be drafted and called up to the next Plato. Major label artist beware I’m coming Seattle music is real this isn’t a game – it’s a movement. The world will be able to stream and download all my music on all platforms, such as Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer & Spotify just to name a few.

Who were some of the producers you worked with to put the project together?

I worked with Seattle’s own DJ FunkDaddy. He produced 48 Ratchet ft. BeatKing plus a few more songs on my upcoming album. DJ FunkDaddy is behind allot of my music from Bouncin, Score’n, Spend It, & plenty more.

I’ve also worked with BrandonThePro. He produced Love Me ft. JWAVY & plus more. Me & Brandon go way back to high school. We been working with each other since 2016. We came into this together. He produced my first ever single called So Bright plus a few others off my first mixtapes.

I even work with Tussin out of New York. He produced Xuicide & a few others on my album. Me & Tussin been working with each other for a few years now. Shout out K3ONO & IKE, they produced a track for me as well on 48Oz. I even work with Shane Foster from DFD music outta Atlanta He produced the cross genre Hip-hop/Gospel Track Holy Ghost for BJ&J Entertainment

What would you say is the biggest thing you’ve learned in the music business so far?

The biggest thing that I’ve learned in the music business so far is, nothing is free, promotion cost a fee you have to watch out for snakes & phonies, because people will scam you & you have to have thick skin in this business. Because folks will talk down on you for no reason but you just gotta keep shining like the super star u are meant to be!

Besides music is there anything else you are interested in getting into in the future?

Yeah, I want to start doing movies, short films, voice acting, & comedy skits of that nature. Because I am naturally funny & acting is something I’ve always wanted to do. So, I’m like why not, if the opportunity comes my way, I’m taking it! I also love to cook as well, I do these post sometimes on IG and FB showing off my chef skills from time to time.

What advice would you give to other up and coming artists from your city?

My biggest advice I would give to the up and coming artist from my city is, just keep doing you, don’t change up for nobody & continue to apply pressure. Trust me you may think nobody is watching you or paying any attention, but they really are! Just go hard for what you believe in & follow your dreams!! I’m a prime example also that you don’t got to be a killer or get killed or go to jail to be successful in the industry. The internet is entertainment it’s not reality Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the success while you’re alive now that the realest advice I can give any up n coming artist from my city or any city worldwide God is Good.

What would you say is your definition of Grynd?

My definition of grind is, putting in hard work, sweat & tears money and time and out hustling your Opponent. Your motto is Force Feed gorilla marketing.

Where can you be found on social media?

You can follow me on all social media @MARIBASED1 on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & TikTok.

Label BJ&J ENT. social media

@mrbenjamin2008 on YouTube & Twitter @BJJENT on FB

You can stream and listen to all my music on any streaming platform of your preference, @MARIBASED1 on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube, etc.…

Any shout outs?

I would like to give a shout out to Mr. Benjamin, Ms Mary BJ&J ENT, DJ HypeManCrunk Loud & Big Mouf radio, Tampa Mystic, JWAVY, DJ FunkDaddy, BrandonThePro, Tussin, K3ONO x IKE, & everybody else that was involved in making my upcoming album a success! Shout out my family & friends that’s always been there supporting me, shout out So Hollywood the podcast,, 94.5 the beat Waco Tx, Jes Blaze (, James Illogik Townsend, DJ Nasty Nes, Es way radio, Micheal Check, Larry Luv, Rush Rydah, Rob Whomag Distribution , Gino (418 music), Travis Miller, Cool Nutz (NW Breakout radio show), Jackson Catfish Corner, Ezells chicken, Emerald City Fish n Chips, Andy Gesner, Rob Fitzgerald, Kazy D, OG Cuicide, Dj MrLpD,

Dj henhouse, Shane Foster DFD music, shout out all the DJ’s (core Djs, Virdiko Djs, Coalition Djs, Fleet Djs, Hella fresh Djs, Dj K-phi, Dj lex luga, Dj Don Gee, Dj Suave, DjGMJ, DJmr626, Dj hardhitta, Djkole, Dj Flames, Dj GrandMixer GMS) and all the DJs playing my music! Shout Out LNyce, & Shout out the whole city of Seattle!

I believe it would be a sin for the world to go unexposed to Seattle music is real This isn’t a game – It’s a movement!

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