New Grynd Exclusive Interview with Valley

Hey Valley, for those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

Hey my name is Valley. I’m 27yrs old, Im just a regular guy from Des Moines Iowa.
I’m a producer/songwriter/singer

When did you start making music?

I started making music at a very young age. My family has always kept a piano in the house. I remember my little brother would always beat the hell out them piano keys and I would always ways take my time and try tot actually create and write my own songs not even realizing what I was doing at the time. I had to be like 3 or 4 at the time. Once I turned 5, my dad bought me an all white pearl professional drum set and from there I started playing drums in church for my dad who was a preacher at the time.

When did you know this was the career you wanted?

I knew i wanted to make this a career once I realized music is the only thing I’m good at. I’m definitely passionate about it and I truly believe if there’s passionate inside of you then put your all into it whether your making 0 dollars or a million dollars. I feel if you choose a career you love you will always put in maximum effort into your craft and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Who were some of your musical influences and why?

I’m inspired and influenced by any and everything around me. people, places,things, etc

My Lil brother Zay fuego the man is super creative! He know I never listen to the radio but he always keep his ear to the streets for me and puts me on to the new wAve he’s also a talented artists/writer.

Another person im lucky to have in my life right now goes by the name BAM DILLA
Big brother is a genius simply put take it and run with it. He’s always creating a new wave

Another person who inspires me is another producer goes by the name ddigital. He’s definitely amazing strong work ethic great hart he always has something crazy for me to write to and vibe to.

Focus3dots is definitely someone I love that’s big bro! The man is genius and everyone knows it. When he press play he’ll make you put your phone down and pay attention. He amazing he love to teach very knowledgeable that man is amazing

Mark Byrd is someone who definitely inspires and motivates me. His movement and his story. He’s not only a great producer but he’s an even greater person that’s why I rock with him.

4 singers that definitely influence me- Eric Bellinger, LaChardon, TANK and Chris Brown

You recently won an istandard event in ATL and gained some great feedback and made some strong relationships, how was that experience?

Life changing! I was definitely a studio rat I never could find a reason to leave the house or the studio unless it was for work. But the one day I decide to leave the crib and work up enough courage to hop on an istandard stage, I end up winning my first ever showcase. After winning I gained great contacts. They always have the best judges and they all rocked with me that night I had the club going crazy! That experience was something I’ll never forget.

Lets discuss your involvement on the new Rick Ross Album, you collaborated with Bink! & played keys on the record ‘Scientology’. Take us through how you met Bink!, the collaboration and finding out you made the album?

I met Bink at an istandard beat camp in Atlanta. He was definitely rocking with my sound and made sure we exchanged contact information. We kept in touch via social media until one day I get a random phone call from him and he invited me to Rozay’s studio to work. I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity. I came back to the studio a few weeks later and heard Ross on top of the beat I helped create! The feeling was incredible. That album will be a classic! Can’t wait to cop that.

What did you learn professionally from working on this project?

You gotta make sure you handle your business up front. There won’t always be up front money every situation is different. You have to establish why you are there/what are you there to do. Really it all comes down to having your business in order before you get your feet wet. And depending on if you are there to be a musician you should consider joining a Union for musicians.

You have also collaborated with Grammy winning producers Focus… & S1, Black Metaphor what was the chemistry like with those tracks specifically?

Those three guys are amazing and very unique neither one sounds like the other all 3 have different personalities. With that being said I can pretty much say these things apply to all three they are all dope super easy to work with no egos. If I ever had an issue with a track they never get in they feelings about it. They want the best product possible so they understand somethings have to be done for the writer to give his or hers best performance

You have a new single dropping called ‘B.A.F.’ tell us about the concept and what listeners can expect when they check it out.

BAF is an RnB record and is a song written and produced by yours truly! On the production side it showcases musicianship. I love dope chords and melodies so I’m definitely showing a bit of that. Then on the writing side.. the concept is that I’m with a girl that I love but hate at the same time and she feels the same way. We might not like each one minute but we are making love the next. I love this song it’s definitely one of my favorites records.

What’s next on the agenda for Valley?

Winning all year! I’m definitely claiming that. More placements dropping more singles I will also drop an EP so definitely be on the look out for that l. I will also be traveling a lot more this year! So I’m excited.

Where can we find you online?

Valleysowavy on IG
Valleysowavy on sound cloud
Heston valley on fb
Itsvalleybaby on snapchat

Any last minute shouts?

1st of all shout out to my manager J Hatch the man is always working and a ear for this music. He’s a genuine dude I love the fact he’s passionate and care’s about me and what I have going on its not just about the music with hatch and that’s what I love the most about him.

Shout my big sister Whitney Leach and big bro Sam Blair for always investing in me.

Shout to my big brother Keith, Big G aka Gregory smith, BCox, Kamron Corvet and
Shoutout to my bestie Alexis

And shoutout to my homies Dad, Ciara, Audrey they have been my biggest supports ever they always show love and always got my back no matter what.

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