New Grynd Exclusive Interview with DJ Bigg V @biggv

1. What’s going on Bigg V we appreciate your time. Take us back when you decided that you wanted to be a DJ?

Always wanted to be a DJ or a Preacher! Lol Well The DJ Won!

2. Talk to us about what the music scene was like in your city growing up?

Growing up in the Mid-south …The Ms Delta to be exact. We feasted on anything that dropped from Anywhere! Florida, Texas, Memphis, New York, ATL whatever. Just Music Period.

3. There are a lot of artist who don’t understand the importance of a DJ. Break down what a true DJ is to the music industry?

The DJ is the connection between the Artist & The Fans. The DJ is also the plug to other DJs that can create a Winning Platform! Meaning helping you “Get to the Money” yes, it’s the DJ.

4. What are some of the hardest things you had to overcome while learning the music business?

My area had no media, so it forced me to get out of my area, work hard and Get Noticed. Can’t forget I had to Produce Results! Do what YOU say YOU can do.

5. Break down the process to really Breaking a new record?

Simple PTFR©️ Play The Fucking Record! Lol Let the people decide if it’s Cash or Trash! Don’t be afraid to try Independents Music.

6. You’ve been able to move around from clubs, house parties, even out of the country. What is it about your DJ style that has clients consistently booking you?

Experience, Travel, Influence plus I’m Fun lol. Professionalism is a must. Great Equipment and Music Selection to fit the people and atmosphere wherever or whenever I’m hired to Entertain. Any Style of Music is Available for Enjoyment from “The Bigg V Show”

7. Doing radio is a dream you always had while being a DJ. Explain what it takes to finally get involved with a radio station?

A lot or networking and skill. Getting involved with a Radio Group is great. You must have the ability to be an Asset and Not a Liability. Also make it easy for the Owners and Investors to know your Worth.

8. Currently on 97.9 The Beat you also wear the Hat of Marketing & Sales? Explain the importance of the position for your station?

Easy ……. The Marketing and Sales position makes it possible to be an On-Air Personality/DJ.
No Ad Revenue equals No Radio! So, producing revenue aka Sales is a Must. Radio Station Survival 101.

9. What are some of the common mistakes you see artist do today from a DJ’s point of View?

A few mistakes artists make with DJs are Building a Real-ationship aka Forgetting the DJs that get it started for them, Not Supporting DJs with small things like sharing social media posts, doing DJ drops, attending DJ events, and the B word! Budgets to show appreciation of some sort for the work that has to be done. All DJs are important.

10. What is your definition of Grynd?

Grynd means to Bigg V
Get it done! Set a Goal put a Date on the Goal and Move to next. Never Give Up no matter what….. Consistently Moving toward your Goal… No Lazy Time! Go make it Happen Now!

11. What’s next for DJ Bigg V in the future?

Syndication Aspirations! ? Spread Bigg V Radio Global and share the Success with those that helped made it Happen!

12. Any Shout outs?

Yes, GOD and
Salute #TeamBiggV and The Grynd Report



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