New Grynd Certified Interview with Issa @issaiam

Whats good Issa. Where are you from and what was life like growing up in your city?

What’s going on,The Grynd Report. I am originally from the DMV growing up there was cool, but I came to Atlanta around 12 and my teen years I grew up on the Eastside. I spent most of my time hanging at the barbershop and rolling dice if I wasn’t working on music.

We read that you learned the songs your Dad wrote when you were a kid. How has he inspired you to get into the music business?

I use to watch my Dad and my cousins when I was around 8. I would memorize his rhymes. My Dad and my cousins began to write for me. What inspired me the most was that he not only taught me his rhymes he taught me how to write. He introduced me to Naz, Jay Z and more and the rest was History.

At a young age you picked up music as a passion who else inspired you to take the music scene so seriously and why?

My Grandfather was also an inspiration, he too is a musician and writer. Artist who inspired were Wayne, DMX, Eminen.

Describe your sound. What do you want potential fans to hear when they listen to your music?

I feel my sound isn’t one thing. I can make all kinds of music but if I had to put a name on it I would call it “Trap Conscious”. I want my fans to hear the truth in my music, I want to inspire them to be greater.

What kind of response are you getting from Atlanta since its became your home?

Atlanta has embraced me as one of their own.

What projects are you working on Now?

My focus at this time is on “Catch 22” the IG series. I’m also gearing up to release 3 singles that everyone is going to love.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned since being in the music business?

Be careful who you trust. This industry will turn the purest hearts evil.

Give us your definition of Grynd?

Grynd means never giving up. It means to apply pressure until you can’t anymore and then find another route. Grynd

What’s next for Issa?

I hate to say whats next because at this time in my career I just want everyone to to just keep watching I have so much more to come.

Any Shout outs?

Shout out to my team for always supporting and pushing me to the limit. Jenn the PR and The Grynd Report and everyone who is listening. Stay Tuned

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