New Exclusive Interview with Rayy Stackz

Thank You for spending time with us Rayy Stackz. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am an independent female rap artist from Memphis, TN. I’ve been doing music since the age of 12, and I started to take my career further as I grew older. I’ve had an opportunity to work with some of the greats, such as Project Pat, and La Chat. Music has played a major part of my life, and also help me get through challenging times. I write my own music. I’ve always been an excellent writer throughout my childhood. English Literature was my favorite subject, and my Abuela (Gma) wasn’t going for any improper grammar. As a young kid, I was writing essays, and stories which I had to present. I found that intriguing, and it has helped me today to prefect my craft. I’m a traveling performer, and I take my craft very serious.

Tell us about growing up in Memphis.

I’ve been in Memphis since I was a child. Memphis is home to me! It’s a grit & grind type of city. You have to learn to adapt to the culture! I have a love and hate relationship with my city because I want us to all come together, and it’s always a lot of crime. Memphis is powerful! But if we can come together. man, we would be indestructible! I grew up in Raleigh “Murder 8” if I wasn’t on Myspace or free styling with my cousins, I was outside looking for the candy lady lol I have lots of memories in my city.

Music became a passion for you at a young age. Who or what influenced you?

I’ve always been into music. My love for music started with simple instrumentals, and instruments. Music class was my favorite in school. Something about harmony lights my spirit. I eventually enrolled in piano lessons at an older age, and also radio broadcasting as well. Music has always been around.

Memphis has birthed many super stars. How has growing up there helped your music career?

Memphis is the place to be for the music scene right now! I grew up listening to Project Pat, Three Six, Yo Gotti, and Young Dolph! Being from Memphis has help shape my career because it’s a lot of talented producers, artists, and creators here to keep it going.

Tell us about the current single you are pushing and where it’s available.

My latest single is titled “Ion Feel It” produced by Countriband Beats. It describes bad vibes, negative energy, and fake love. It is available on all digital platforms, such as but not limited to, Apple music, Amazon, tidal, pandora, etc.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned about the music industry?

The biggest lesson learned from the music industry and scene is knowing that your “Network” is your “Net worth”! & To never burn bridges with people. Keep a solid hustle and drive and a clean name.

Besides music, what other business ventures are you pursuing?

Besides music I have a clothing brand that I’ve launched. The name of the brand is called “Stackin Season”. It is made for men, women, and children who are inspired to stack and invest in themselves. The website is soon to be launched, and the brand can be followed on Instagram @1stackin_season. I’ve also dabbled in podcasting, and in the near future it’s possibly that I might relaunch my show “Chit Chattin & Stackin W/ Rayy Stackz”. However, music is my first love, so artistry takes the “W” all the time.

What can we expect from you musically in 2022?

In 2022, you can expect more visuals, media exposure, and music from me. My fans and supporters wanted more music, so I recently dropped a short 7 song EP named “Bonnie Parker” which shows different sides of my artistry. I wish to give my fans and supporters more visuals, and media so they can get to know me better.

Give us your definition of ‘Grynd’.

I am the definition of “Grynd”. Making a way for yourself, climbing up the latter to succeed, never giving up, waking up daily to make it happen by any means, working hard for what you want, and always putting effort and dedication into what moves you the most. I feel if you don’t have grind. you’re just lost in the sauce and lack ambition and drive.

Where can we follow you online?

I can be followed

Instagram @rayystackz
Facebook @rayystackz
Snapchat @a_raynabeautyy
Twitter @1rayystackz
TikTok @1rayystackz
Google @rayystackz

And my music is on all digital platforms Apple music, Amazon, tidal, pandora, etc.

Any shout outs?

I would like to give a shoutout to my supporters! Without them it would be impossible. I would also like to shoutout my producer “COUNTRIBANDBEATS” for believing in me, working with me, and seeing my vision. Shoutout to Dj Lw, Dj Reezy, Dj Gea, Hypeman, G6STV, my mama, and anybody rocking with me! I love y’all!

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