Nate Allure – Juicy

Nate Allure builds momentum toward August album release by dropping new single ‘Juicy’

ATLANTA, GA – When people hear the name Nate Allure, they can’t help but be intrigued… This 23-year-old New Jersey artist has been living in Atlanta for the past few years where he has quickly developed one of the most unique sounds and styles to hit hip-hop music in recent years. His music pulls from different situations in his life – from heartbreak to walking away from long-time friendships to successes and pulling himself up from the bottom.

As the summer approaches, Nate Allure is building momentum toward the release of his album “Big Time,” which he plans to drop in August. He said it’s a personal album with a commercial sound that will highlight all of the experiences from his life that he knows others will relate to.

“’Big Time’ is kind of a slogan people sway when they make it,” he said. “It’s what you say when you’ve become successful and overcome the odds. And this album is about growing up in different situations and overcoming the bad times – situations that a lot of others have been in – and doing whatever it takes to become successful.”

The debut single from the album has already been released. It’s a song called “Juicy” that Nate said has an urban R&B feel. It’s a song that he said is about being in love with a woman just from her looks, and the overall vibe makes it something that could be played in the clubs or even become a mainstream pop song.

“Women are a big factor in my life so I decided to write a song for them,” he said. “My whole family has been very heavily into music, and there were a lot of singers on my mother’s side of the family. I wanted to create something that would honor them while also relating to a lot of people who have also been in love.”

The single showcases Nate’s unique cadence and signature sound – something that has been gaining him attention all over the country especially in the South. He said he tries to avoid doing too much “trendy” stuff and instead plays off his own vibes and emotions to try to bring listeners a different feeling.

“Mostly, I want people to connect with my music and with me,” he said. “I want them to understand the real situations that are going on out there through my music. I want to encourage them to be bigger than what most people want them to be. And I want to be a mogul and have people feel that part of my life and eventually have a status of being one of the greats.”

Nate said he’s working toward booking some live shows ahead of the album release in August, starting with a performance on April 26 at the Revenge Showcase in Killeen, Texas.

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