Melly Rose lights up the pandemic times with her exquisite and bewitching voice.

In times of the pandemic, when nothing was good, people had Melly Rose, a Trinidadian singer with a vibrant, unique, and pulchritudinous voice.

Melly Rose is no stranger to the world of ravishing melodies and vocals. Melly Rose has a beauteous voice that is only complemented by her superlative sense of fashion and riveting good looks. All of Melly Rose’s songs are chaperoned by a powerful message and target a certain injustice in society.

Melly Rose is a singer and a celebrity who was born in Tobago and Trinidad. Later in her life, she moved to the United States. In the United States, she went to Baltimore School of Arts and Morgan State University after that. Once she was done with her that, she finally decided to go back home and stay loyal to her roots. Melly believes that her true destiny lies in becoming a soca prodigy.

While many innovative and brilliant artists from outside of America travel to the United States in quest of new possibilities, Rose did the exact contrary. She was in love with soca, her culture, and with the food and music there. She wasn’t afraid to pursue something that wasn’t exactly popular – soca.

During the times of the pandemic when nothing was good, people had Melly Rose’s singles and tracks to cling to and realize that the world isn’t all bad after all. In all of her songs, Rose addresses certain taboos and injustices in the societies, issues that are not talked out loud. Melly isn’t afraid to bring these issues into the highlight and educate people while dropping exquisitely brilliant tracks.

In the times of the pandemic, Rose particularly made a quantum leap through her quirky tracks. Soon the superstar got featured in BET Soul because of her song ‘Body Good.’ She also made it to MTV and New York Times.

‘Body Good’ is a song by Melly Rose that intends to uplift women of all colors, sizes, and races. The music video of ‘Body Good’ is available for streaming on all online video streaming platforms. Through the music video of ‘Body Good,’ Rose also proved that she is an avid supporter of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement.

As the music video of ‘Body Good’ begins, we see a shot for a split second where ‘#BLM’ is written on Melly Rose’s nails. After that, you’ll see many black women emerge out of nowhere. Out of these
women, one is even wearing a hat like the women in the Black Panther group used to don as a sign of empowerment.

According to Melly Rose, she just can’t have a front-row seat, watching the injustices in society and doing nothing at all. All of Melly’s strong is accompanied by a strong message, and this is her way of contributing to the unjust society.
We expect more revolutionary singles from Melly in the future, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.