Malik Rose – Count It Up @malikrosemusic

Malik Rose‘s latest single titled, “Count It Up“.

Hailing from Marrero, Louisiana, Malik Rose was raised in a single mother household. With his mother always away at work, he became a free-thinker and independent person at a very young age. Channeling his thoughts to paper, he became interested in how certain rappers put their words together and painted a vivid picture. 

Artists such as Biggie, Jay-Z and J. Cole, were major influences for him throughout his teenage years. 

After releasing his second project, Imagine Forever,  in July 2018 shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, Malik Rose noticed tremendous growth in his skill, overall sound, and versatility. 

Malik resurfaced with a new song entitled Star in May 2019 which was featured on several major playlists, including press from The Source magazine.

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