Malachi SpoKing Words teaches life and truth through new song “Jungle”

Music has a way of delivering a message, even when that message is unexpected. Sometimes a person uses music to send a message because no one will listen to what they have to say another way, so they use the one thing that everyone connects to.

One artist that chose to use music in this fashion is Malachi SpoKing Words, who is a dedicated artist to his craft and gives you that message in new Single Jungle. His message brings out the reality of everyday life for those in a world of less fortunate and other in a world of denial.

World changes, streets situations, men and woman problems as well as people who pretend to be what they are not are messages you hear all in one record. Just like all those messages are in one song, you will find a lot of different things in the Jungle, which is why it’s the perfect name for it.

Conscience rap is a reality, and sometimes the only type of music that gives you reality and truth. Listen to the exclusive song on The Grynd Report website



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